Sunday, January 19, 2014

Delights of Denver

I should have extended my stay.  I considered it, really, I did.  I could fly back to Phoenix in time to work at 7 pm.  I knew that my friends would rally and I could couch surf another day with Sara.  That was until she told me she was working on Sunday at 6 am--yuck!  I knew I couldn't impose on her.  Returning to Phoenix would be the smart thing to do.
Sara did invite me to Palm Springs to celebrate her birthday.  I am checking into flights and know that I can make that happen.  In the meantime, I will work, cultivate relationships and thrive.
The weather was gorgeous in Denver.  I woke up, yesterday, a touch hungover and made my way to the nearest coffee shop. I miss that about my life.  Sure I live by a starbucks but it is a mile from my house.  Sara lives three blocks from a great little spot that has delicious homemade food.  In the other direction there is another lovely coffee shop.  I woke up and wanted coffee.  Sara only had one k cup for her Keurig coffee maker. I knew that I would be unable to drink the last coffee without remorse.
I dressed, put in my contacts and headed to the coffee shop.  Picked us both up some coffee and a breakfast burrito to share.  It was good size and exactly what we needed to reset and start the day.  I remembered how much I enjoyed walking in the city.
Afterwards we began the walk up to where we had left her car the previous night.  We ran into my old boss, Dave, and his wife.  I had a feeling that we would see them as they live in sara's neighborhood and more often than not I have seen them at a coffee shop during my visits. We exchanged a quick hello and met their daughter, Piper. Such a calm, healthy little beauty.  Her only dislike seemed to be the sun on her eyes.  I do not blame her for that either.  I was having some difficulty shielding my eyes from the intensity of the sun, too.
We stopped at Izba for my customary treatment when in town.  I am thankful that Sara also enjoys this spa.  I love it.  The treatments were nice.  I had a new therapist and he was good, not great. There are others that I prefer.  Unfortunately, my favorite guy only works Sunday.  Mental note to stay through Sunday next trip to Denver.
We had lunch at a pizzeria and I started to realize that I was running out of time to see some of my friends.  I thought, maybe, I should skip my flight and leave today.  I do miss Denver.
Overall the trip was too fast.  Full of wine, friends and great food.  The Goddess made us salmon, rice and veggies on Thursday.  Friday, I dined at ccg, elway's and beast and bottle, eventually.  I felt spoiled by the opportunity to dine at these places.
I work tonight.  Hitting yoga, at noon, to get back into my routine.  I must.  Not to mention, it keeps me centered and able to really think of my upcoming dreams and travel.  I make the time to be thankful for where I am at now.
This next week will be interesting.  I feel change for me.
I might blog more about my trip.  On an interesting side note...I did a quiz on fb about where I should live.  Apparently, Paris is where I would thrive.  I am open to that, for sure.  City of love, wine, lights...yea, count me in!

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