Wednesday, January 29, 2014


I feel fierce.  There, I said it.  Maybe that should be my tagline of 2014.  Fierce.
I think about my decision to leave retail and sometimes, I question it.  I like the majority of people that I work with.  They all have had interesting lives/livelihoods and are kind, gracious, engaging.  I love that. Today I sat with a woman that I respect and learned quite a lot about her life.  She, too, is a fan of traveling, being without ties, free.  Another lady owned her own sign making shop and fell into her current job.  They had no idea that she had skills/talent in that arena as it had never come up.
Retail. There is stability and it's safe.
Not for me.  It made me feel handcuffed or suffocated.  This friend of mine last night offered some insight.  His thought was that typically people either do not like their boss (not the case for me) or it is the culture of the company that made my skin crawl.  I don't know if it was that, exactly.  I think I was not a good fit for retail.  The schedule, lack of travel and a few other things.  Mostly the lack of travel.  I think most of my co-workers understand that about me, too, even if they have only known me for a few months.  Somehow that factor shines through.
So, yea, I feel fierce.  Capable.  Ready.  I took a minute, for myself, as I do whenever I see the time is 9:27--(my birthday).  Last night, I paused for a minute and had this immense sensation overtake me.  I know it sounds strange but I felt energized, relieved, and knowledgeable that I was okay.  I had made the right decision to be where I am now.  It was incredible.  I felt empowered.  Calm in that knowledge.
I have missed yoga the last few days.  Tomorrow, I will return, meet a few wine vendors, go to court to fight a parking ticket (I am too principled to not) and meet a friend at one of my favorite eateries in the Valley.  I mentioned it to the cheese buyer in passing and he surprised me by offering to join me on our day off. Tomorrow will be a great day off.  I feel that I am in the right place for greatness.  As much as I have challenged, struggled, tried to conform...I know, it is my way to continue to take the unbeaten path.  It is me.   In that vein, I will thrive.  I know it.  I am ready for the next venture.  I have been invited to Palm Springs, Park City, Spain and Denver for the world beer cup.  I want to do it all.  I can do it all.  I will do it all.  I am stoked. is good.  i am thrilled to be here now~

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