Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday Funday

Do I go to yoga or not?  I woke up later than usual and chose to skip yoga.  I went yesterday and I do adore the instructor.  He always plays great music, has a great flow and I always benefit from his class.  He teaches today and he taught yesterday.  I supposed I felt it was okay to skip as I had went yesterday.
A few days ago, I dashed out of yoga since I had to work at one pm.  Class starts at noon and concludes at 1.  In the past few weeks I have been going to this class to sustain some sort of happiness.
On Thursday, I rushed out of class to shower and ensure that I would have time to get a coffee.  I know, semi-lame, but a necessary commodity in my life.  As I was dressing I noticed that I had lost my earring, again.  Third time, at least, that I have lost my new favorite earring.  I bought these lovely coral earrings in Santa Fe during my birthday weekend.  I love the earrings and understand that I should purchase backs to keep the earrings in instead of dealing with the madness associated with me frantically looking for them.
So, Thursday, I noticed that I had lost one of the earrings.  I looked around the bathroom, shower stall, my bag of clothing and mentioned it to the front desk as I was leaving.  I asked them to be on the lookout for my lost coral earring.  I didn't want to return to the classroom and interrupt their flow.
Yesterday, I entered the studio and inquired about a lost earring. The new lady was like--well, we do have a diamond earring that was left behind....yea, I look like I wear diamond earrings on a regular basis.  I told the lady of my story of how I had lost the earring a few times prior.  Her response--maybe you shouldn't wear those earrings.
Thanks for the sage advice.
I looked around the bathroom, yoga studio and focused on the class.  I left early to shower and while I was dressing, I found my earring.  Yea!  So thrilled for the kindness of strangers.  Even if it wasn't a diamond earring.
I will enjoy being outside and then work tonight.  It is a beautiful day.  Yoga can wait til tomorrow, Tuesday or Wednesday.  I have some weird work days over the next few days.  Finally, my schedule gets changed.  It's only been five months of working the same shift which has created a cycle of existing, not living.  I tried to make small changes, like attending the noon class, and it helped (a little).
Today is about sunshine and embracing the next opportunity.

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