Friday, January 10, 2014

One Week

In one week, I will be hanging out with my friend, Sara Jo.  I cannot wait!
As many people, I know, I like to travel.  I thrive, feel most at peace, when I have a trip planned, monthly.  The last six months that has been a challenge to meet the criteria for how I prefer to live my life.  Thankfully, my job has worked with me to some degree.  Meaning, I have requested time off and they have ensured that I have received it. However, I think, they believe my need to travel is being sated.  It's not.  I want to go somewhere new every month.
I have a few trips planned and am considering another quick venture in March or early April.  Opening Day would be fantastic in Denver and there is this great offer on flights right now.  I could make it work.
My cleanse is progressing nicely.  As noted, there, was a brief hesitation, Monday, when I discovered clarity of what is a priority for me.  Sure a glass of wine would have been welcome and it was a passing thought.  Instead, I came home, played with my new phone which I am still figuring out and read.  I skipped the wine and stayed true to my commitment.
Yes, I am stubborn.  Must be from my mom's side of the family.  My grandmother refused to leave their farmhouse until her mom agreed to let her continue school.  Farm kids, especially girls, in her time, were educated until 8th grade.  My grandmother wanted to be a teacher and her mom wanted her to learn how to manage a house.  Both women were stubborn and eventually my grandma won.  I don't know if her dad tried to thaw out his wife as she was equally stubborn and set in her ways.  At any rate, there is a stubborn streak in my blood.
I do feel better from the cleanse.  I am don't really miss dairy, wine or chips and salsa.  I know that that is one food item that I want on a daily basis.  That is, until now.  I am happy dining on fruits, veggies and almonds.  I should buy more wasabi almonds to make today go by quicker.
I skipped yoga as I overslept.  I figure I can go tomorrow and today will be full of schlepping wine which will further sculpt my arms.  A definite benefit of this job.  I get a daily workout.
So in one week I will be drinking wine in Denver.  It will be my first visit to the city 2014 and I am over the moon.  My last trip was in August which is too long between ventures.  My friend, the Goddess, will be in AZ for Spring Training.
Lots of possibility, travel and new experiences on the horizon.  Cheers to Friday, yoga (tomorrow) and my adventure to Denver next week. I wish it could be longer.....

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