Friday, May 30, 2014

accountability and frustration with getting a coffee

I met Melody for dinner last night to celebrate her birthday.  Squash blossoms with boursin cheese, lobster salad, scallops and a said of mashed potatoes.  Delicioso!  I felt spoiled by the greatness of the food.
I mentioned that I had taken my car to her referral and that although they did get me in quickly for an appointment, they let me drive off the lot not having reattached all of my hoses.  I knew, immediately, that something was wrong with my car.  Sure, can I fix it myself?  No, but, from driving the Volvo for 9 years, I do recognize when something is off.
I hesitated to return to that particular shop as I feared they would jack it up more.  Instead, I drove around for a week and waited until I could get into the Volvo dealership.  I made an appointment and had them go over my car to see what needed to be done in a timely manner.  I forgot to mention that my current landlord used to be a Volvo mechanic.  He looked Veronica over before my appointment and saw the unattached hoses.  My car returned to functional. I still wanted my car looked over.  So, in the last week, I have spent $200 for a failed oil change.  Had the original guys just done the oil change, perhaps, I wouldn't have had to spend that amount of money to ensure that my car was, in fact, driveable.
Melody felt bad and asked me if I had told the referral guys that.  I had not.  She mentioned doing it for me.  At first, I said, sure, let them know.  Then, I realized that it would be better coming from me and in the medium of a letter.  I don't want to call them.  But, I do want them to know that, potentially, I could have gotten stranded somewhere based on their negligence.  I do understand they were trying to check my car over (thinking of future business, I would presume).  However, they did not put it back together and it could have created more issues for me.  I will write a note later today. Not hate mail or super negative but they should know what occurred on their watch.  I take things more seriously with a letter too.  If I wanted to do it half-assed, I would call or my favorite--yelp about it.
In other areas of frustration, I wanted a breakfast burrito after my yoga class. Probably not the healthiest option but I wanted it.  I knew of a market where not only could I get a decent breakfast burrito, but a cup of coffee, too.  Specifically, an americano.  I found a burrito and joined the long line of people waiting for coffee or smoothies.  One by one, people were serviced.  15 minutes later I got my turn to ask for an americano.  I kept thinking--why don't they start an order and take another order?  Surely, not everyone is in line for a smoothie?!?!  I texted an ex-colleague of mine and made some comment about it being a universal standard of one company to have the coffee take forever.  I don't get it.  And, no, it is not the Santa Fe way.  I think they call it manana time but in this case, I have experienced long lines of employees refusing to multi-task in multiple citites and states.  It is laziness.  I was too lazy to head to a drive thru and get my day started quicker.
Happy Friday.  Make it a great one. I have dinner plans with Glen and Patty, again. I am excited to check out another fine establishment in SF~

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