Thursday, May 28, 2015

day off

Beautiful day to get outside and explore.  Absolutely stunning day to enjoy the sunshine.  I do love the southwest with its ample sunshine and blue skies. 
Yesterday, I went to Ojo Caliente to celebrate Melody's birthday.  For her, it was free and I paid the week rate which is $10 cheaper.  We thought we would have no problem enjoying the waters on a Wednesday.  Apparently, we were not the only ones who thought this way.  It was packed and we barely found a parking space.  We feared that the tubs would be too crowded to enjoy.  The locker room was full of women trying to get ready to soak and/or leave.  It was the most full I have ever seen.  I did not know if we would find lockers to store our items.
We soaked for a few hours.  Glorious.  Afterwards, we had a late lunch at a new spot to me in Santa Fe.  A wine bar with a nice patio.  The happy hour was inviting--$6 for any glass of wine normally priced $11.  Many options and the fare, itself, was fine.  We snacked on a Mediterranean platter and a crab cake.  I love roasted garlic which was found on the platter.  Some of the items were subpar.  I was not in love with the tabouli, hummus or carrot/raisin salad.  It was lovely to check out a new spot that neither of us had checked out before.  I did enjoy the crab cake and waffle fries.  Who doesn't enjoy French fries?
In all honesty, I would have preferred returning to a local haunt.  Unfortunately, most of the ones I wanted to go to do not open until 5 or 5:30.  We were hungry now.   And, Melody wanted to spend some of her birthday with her boyfriend.  I recognized that, too. 
I woke up at 4 am.  I was unable to get back to sleep until 6:30.  As a result, I am exhausted.  Lazy.  I cleaned my house and plan on stopping by the yoga studio shortly.  I love this new studio that has opened in Santa Fe.  Heated power flow.  Need I say more?  My favorite type of class.  Hot, with music, and a challenging flow.  I feel that I get a work out and an opportunity to focus on me.   I ran into another lady that relocated from Tucson.  She had similar complaints about the yoga scene here.  She mentioned that she rarely sweats or feel she is getting a work out.   I completely understand how she feels.  I suggested she check out my friend's studio.  I think it will be a lovely addition to Santa Fe. 
I went shopping.  I found a couple dresses for my niece, Emma.  It's time to purge some of my older clothes.  It's summer!  I love the energy of it, too.  I feel inspired to be outside, meeting people and drinking wine.  Most days, I feel like enjoying wine.  Haha

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