Thursday, May 14, 2015

whirlwind of days off

Ahhhhh.....Denver, how I love you so!
24 hours in the city I adore.  Awesome.  I rented a car and headed to spend time with friends.  I arrived at 1:30 pm and departed at 1:30 pm the following day.  Exactly 24 hours of fun.  I rushed back hoping to meet my friend for coffee.  Ironically, his plans changed and I could have lavished in the city.  Next time, I will not rush.  I could have made time to see Tiffany, Jimmy or Steve.  Or, I could have hiked at Matthew Winters Park.  Spent happy hour with friends.  Yes, lots of options.
I had a lovely 24 hours in Denver.  Saw Jenn, the Goddess, Wrangler, Sara, Maghan, Goose and the Mini.  Yes, it was a great day.
Oh, I forgot to mention the massage.  I do love izba.  Pure bliss.  Best way to greet the day.  I'll get back to that eventually.  Upon arriving, I met Jenn for a dip duo/wine date.  I didn't know what to expect.  It had been awhile since our schedules coordinated.  I've brought people to our meetups and she has, too.  Of course, I bring people she knows.  She hasn't always done that.  Regardless, we had a lovely afternoon.  I dropped her off and made my way to Arvada.  I had a date with the Goddess and Wrangler.  Such a cute kid.  He is engaging, friendly, smart.  Knows my name.  Love that.
We watched part of a softball game.  Lindsay's husband plays in a league.  Seemed super fun.  We left Wrangler with Jon and headed east.  Dinner date with Sara Jo.  We parked the car and met Sara at the front door.  The bar was packed.  Lively.  A little overwhelming.   We opted for a table and immediately I received a text from my friend, Maghan.  Something to the effect of--oh, I see how it are in town and didn't tell me.
I look around.  Think he might be there.  Respond to the text to see where he was and how he knew I was in town. Mentioned that it was an impulsive trip and that I didn't think I would have enough time to see him. 
He met us for dinner and it was grand.  I love my friends.  I love that they can carry on amongst themselves with little input from me.  I have great people in my life. 
Goose sat down with us and drank some wine.  Meanwhile, I was receiving random texts from the coffee guy in Santa Fe. Super random.  Such as--Although it was brief...I really liked such and such's actor from the 1980's.
I made some smart ass response.  Candid.  I was enjoying the banter and randomness.  Looking forward to experiencing it in person.  He's interesting.
Today as much as I looked forward to seeing him, when he canceled, I felt fine.  Prolong the awkwardness. It is the most honest either of us will be, I'm sure, wherever this leads. 
I hurried back thinking of food.  I didn't realize how little service I had once I entered this state.  Super splotchy.  I made my way to a local spot and ordered a drink while waiting for my carry out.  Ran into a girl that I have seen 3 times in the last week.  Super small world! 
I am thankful that I chose to make that trip. I missed my friends, wine bars, restaurants.  Plus, my friends are phenomenal.  I am a fortunate gal.  happy Thursday~

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