Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Yoga thoughts

I had every intention of hitting an early morning yoga class.  My alarm went off.  I made coffee and lavished in bed for another ten minutes.  Received a text that asked for a rain check of my upcoming coffee date later today.  Freed up my day quite a bit. 
Options...go to early class that I know is beneficial for my practice or hit the vinyasa class at noon.  The early class is an ashtanga led class that I should frequent more regularly.  I am training for my certification at a studio that is ashtanga based.  I struggle in these classes as I do not have the sequence done cold nor am I as familiar with the Sanskrit names of the postures.  In my defense, I have maybe, attended twelve ashtanga classes in my life.  Vinyasa is based on ashtanga with more flexibility and music which I crave.  I also factored in that the early class had an instructor that I felt could do more.  I tried out her class where there were four other students.  She led us through the sequence by saying inhale, exhale as opposed to the more traditional way of counting to ten in Sanskrit which cue the pose.  Moreover, the class is an hour long which there is no way to achieve the primary series in this amount of time.  Typically, these classes are an hour and a half or two hours longs.   It's all about breath, movement and gaze.
She omitted the chatarangas during the sitting series.  I thought that was odd.  This definitely helps build strength and achieve the purpose of the class.  Honestly, frustrated with this teacher.  However, I do hope that she improves her style and sequence.
So there was that.  Or, I could go to the typical vinyasa class that I prefer.  And the class is at noon not 7:30 am.  Music.  Always a deciding factor.  I am inspired by music and feel liberated while practicing yoga.  Maybe this is not the proper way to attend a class.  It makes sense to me, though.  I am motivated by the physical practice with music.  I try to quash that desire/impulse to rely on the physical aspect of yoga.  I try to be more spiritual and embrace the Sanskrit.  Then I sit in classes and see how self involved people are.  Isn't that counterproductive to what yoga is?  What do I know?  I am focusing on what makes sense to me.
I figured that I could skip the early class and hit the vinyasa class at noon.  I will reschedule my coffee date for after my mini trip to Denver.  I am so excited to go see friends and swagger in the city.  Yes, I said swagger.  It's like having a different personality.  The anonymity of being in a city.  Love it.  Miss it.  Looking forward to it.
I am off to receive a facial.  I do love taking care of my health in that regard.  Yea, Tuesday!

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