Saturday, May 9, 2015

Friday funday.....

Best day off, ever.....well, maybe not the best.  Definitely up there.  I met the lovely Melody for lunch continued with wine at another local spot, quick break for coffee and a flirtation with the barista followed by a stop into a beer driven spot near my house.  Yes, all, in all, a great way to spend the day off.
I began with a yoga practice in my own home.  My options are limited with classes that I enjoy and am challenged by.  Typically, there is a class on Friday, at noon, that I attend.  I had made lunch plans with Melody and so I considered my options.  Go to an early class, skip the practice completely, or attempt the sequence at my house.  I went with option #3.  I played music ( a huge no-no, but since I was in my own house, I played music).  It took an hour and 15 minutes.  I skipped a few postures and focused on becoming familiar with the sequence and my breathing.  I felt great afterwards and knew I had done the best thing for me.  Heading to an earlier class felt like I was forcing it. Forcing myself to do something that I would not truly enjoy.  Just doing it to say that I did yoga for fix straight days.
I showered and met Melody at a spot that I had been wanting to check out for some time.  My artist friend swears by this restaurant.  I met him for coffee one day and knew I liked the vibe.  The food was great.  Quinoa cakes and a budha bowl.  Delicious.  We shared wine.  Sat outside and loved the day off.  Melody rarely has a Friday off.  I was fortunate that she wanted to spend it with me.  We made plans to celebrate her birthday in a few weeks, spoke of our upcoming spirits tour and b.s.'d our lives in general.  I met Melody in 2004 while visiting Santa Fe.  I scheduled a massage and she was my therapist.   We have been friends ever since.
Onward to coffee...there is a spot that I frequent due to the proximity to work, good parking and a crush that I have.  For a few weeks, I faithfully went in hoping to run into this guy.  He seemed like the owner of the place but he wasn't.  I would run into him on random days and eventually he started a dialogue with me.  I was trying to figure out a way to get his name without being too obvious about it.  Or give him mine.  I felt like a little girl trying to make this happen.
Last week, he tried to guess my name.  Talk about comical.  Elizabeth, Beth, Sara?  Admittedly, I am asked more often than not if my name is Sara.  I know a lot of Sara's and my best friend's name is Sara.  I wasn't offended.  Just thought it was funny. 
Finally, I give him my name and his response, classic.  I never would have guessed that.
I had a feeling that he would be working yesterday afternoon.  I went in to see.  He was and so we had an interesting conversation.  I now sort of know why he is here and that he is not the owner of the coffee shop for sure.  I had had a few glasses of wine.  Think I was a little more willing to talk due to that.  He's been to Vietnam.  I chose to use that as my way of arranging to meet with him again.  I am curious to what he thought and would love some insight on places to go.  I hope to pick his brain as I am heading to Vietnam 2016.  Well that and flirt.  He's attractive and age appropriate.  I uncovered that during our conversation too.  He seemed indignant when I thought he was older.  Haha
We exchanged information--email and number.  I left on a high and then quickly succumbed to my foolishness.  I lost the piece of paper.  I had no idea how.  I was pretty annoyed by it.  I checked my purse, my book (where I swore I had put the piece of paper), my car.  No luck. 
I remembered his e-mail address as he made a reference to it.   This morning I returned my books back to the library and found the piece of paper.  Yes!  And, I was correct about the e-mail.
Today remains to be seen how I spend it.  I managed to get a day off again.  Had I known this was going to happen, I would have went to Denver.  Four days is superior to two days off.  Darn it!  Although, I would have missed my interaction with the barista/pilot/visitor to Vietnam.  There is that.....

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