Wednesday, May 6, 2015

the yoga injury

Last year, while attending my normal noon flow class, I convinced myself that I should be able to do a new balancing posture.  The instructor even propped me up, more, by saying I should be able to do it.  I was strong.  I forced myself into the posture and landed in an awkward position.  I felt something pop and finished the class.  Immediately, I sensed something was wrong.  I had difficulty putting my pants on.  Could barely lift up my right leg.  I had discomfort. 
I called my massage therapist and he tore apart my leg.  Told me he thought it was a gracilis injury.  A slender muscle in the inner thigh.  I tried to self diagnose by describing the pain on a medical website and feared it was a groin injury. Prognosis, rest and let heal for a few months.  Great, I thought, no yoga for the foreseeable future.
My therapist was correct.  It was a thigh muscle tweak.  I saw him for a few massages and returned to yoga.  Always favored the right leg, too.  Anytime I felt a twinge of vulnerability in my thigh, I backed off the posture. 
Fast forward to last Monday.  I had attended six solid days of yoga.  Monday, I did back to back to back flow classes.  A little tight.  Determined to continue through to the evening.  I had a dinner date with my friend, Cale.  I knew that I would not miss that.  Wine would be welcome after 9 hours of yoga.  The first class was a slow flow class.  I had attended the instructor's class in the last two intensives.  Knew that she paid attention to when I went into Warrior A and always suggested I lengthen the stance.  The next class was geared at baby boomers.  We did some intense stretching and lovely restorative postures.  If anything, I was tired for the previous days of yoga.  Tight, overworked, exhausted.
The third class was the only one I really wanted to attend.  This woman is a master sequencer.  Kind, gracious and a badass in my opinion.  I love being able to take her classes.  I always learn something.  This time, I learned that I should have gotten a massage before stretching myself so thin.  Julie plays music.  I also appreciate this.  Innovative flow, could this not be my favorite class of the intensive.  We warmed up and started doing a sequence which included a handstand with a chataranga follow.  I told myself that I should be able to do this. I had mastered (or so I had convinces myself) the handstand in the Friday class.  Basically, I was narcissistic.  Yep, I can admit it.  I was a jackass.
I kicked up into the handstand and when I tried to kick back into the chataranga sequence, I landed on my right hip.  Pain.  Lots of pain.  Immediate pain.  I knew that I had retweaked my gracilis to a certain degree.  I finish the class and force myself to leave the studio.  I needed to find a massage therapist and fast.  I wanted to have him adjust me and release some of the tightness in my quads, hamstrings, knees. 
The therapist was okay.  I felt better and realized that he could have done more.  I confirmed my dinner date with Cale, even bumped it up.  I then called Dr. Bryn to see what she thought of my situation.  Her response--don't get a massage yet.  You need to rest a few days.  Ice it, take some anti-inflammatories, rest.  Then get a massage.  I had arnica cream with me (Ironically brought it with me from Santa Fe) and could buy some apple cider vinegar and Epsom salt. 
I met Cale for dinner and then retired to the yoga house.  I woke up early the next morning and observed the class.  I was stiff and sore from sitting down.  Instead of continuing to observe at the studio which was an option, I called Jan and begged to stay with her.  I wanted to feel at ease while healing.  I had access to a bath tub and my own room.  No more waking up to my roommate snoring.  And, of course, day drinking was involved.  Jan is always up for that.
Thankfully, I have taken multiple salt baths, wrapped my leg in apple cider vinegar, used a heating pad and had a few massages to nurse it back to health. I have attended three yoga classes and am hopeful that I will be back to 100% by next week. 
My training suffered as a result of the injury in some aspects.  However, I have been rushing the training in an attempt to get it over with.  I don't know that this is the best move for me.  I intend to practice ashtanga in Santa Fe for the time being.  I found an instructor, really, that teaches ashtanga and is legit.
Tonight, I am in for the night and hoping to get a solid night of rest.  I know that I need it.  If not for my own well-being, than, to help aid the healing process.  Enjoy!

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