Wednesday, May 20, 2015

sentiments of hump day

I worked last night.  Lovely vibe and a mix of tourists.  In a way it's inspiring.  They want to know places to dine, see, drink.  All things I enjoy chitchatting about.  My first couple hailed from Maryland, tri-athletes to boot, and in town for 10 days.  After figuring this out, I wrote down a list of restaurants and must see things.  Lovely conversation and I look forward to when they return to the restaurant to see me.  They said they would.  Well, before, they invited me to meet them out for drinks.  I suggested Thursday.
Afterwards, I had some locals and later two other tourist couples.  Again, I had a similar conversation--food, places to hang out, wine.  It was great.  And, I made some kick ass cocktails.  One couple was from L.A.  The other from Corpus Christy, Texas.  The couple from L.A. had been to Santa Fe before and interested in other places to dine.  They cocktailed, had one glass of wine, followed by coffee and a Ferrari--Campari/Fernet.  Surprising.  I want to make one to see how much of a digestif it is.
The other couple took my suggestion of a barbaresco and asked what I felt they should follow up with.  I suggested a Burgundy in the similar price range.  They, amongst themselves, talked about Napa Cabernets.  At this point, I let them tell me what they wanted.  They chose a Stag's Leap selection which required decanting.  In all honesty, the guy reminded me of George Costanza.  They came in and he made some comment about me being stuck with them.  Then, he realized how ludicrous it sounded and told me a story of him being a jackass when he was younger.  He redeemed himself is what I am suggesting.
We chitchatted.  They drank their respective drinks and I soaked up their stories.  I reveled in how great of a night it was.  I really enjoyed it.  I did the paperwork and headed out.  I  considered my options.  Stop by a local spot or go home.  I chose to have a glass of wine.  I figured I would run into a colleague, customer or friend.  Bar was booming.  Few spots left at the bar.  I sat down and the bartender came over.  I felt like a glass of wine.  I looked around me.  Four other singles ladies at the bar.  All on their phone. 
The bartender was busy.  Couldn't engage the guest.  I wanted to talk to someone.  Anyone.  The other people at the bar were eating or on their phone.  Everyone.  I thought about it.  How much further we are straying from interaction with our reliance on technology.  I am guilty of it too.  I know. 
Still, I had no conversation until one of the other bartenders talked about New Orleans.  Of course, I was intrigued.  He grew up there and moved after the storm.  I am curious as to what it is like now.  Or what it was like growing up there.  I told him I would love to hear more about it.  I do.
I am intrigued by what it is like ten years after the storm.  I've watched a few documentaries and fictional series.  I am interested.  I love the Crescent City.  Culture, music, many restaurants. Absolutely adore it.  I have not visited since 2008.  I feel a return is in order. 
Tomorrow is another day off and another opportunity to enjoy life fully. I have an excellent vinyasa class arranged.  Then a lunch with Melody.  LIfe is grand.  I am blessed to be here now.  Or maybe that is the wine talking.....

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