Thursday, May 28, 2015

Salad, spaghetti or wine

I have been indecisive about how to celebrate the remainder of my day off.  I considered going for a walk, making a salad, meeting a friend, downsizing some of my wardrobe or buying spaghetti.  I hemmed and hawed.  Waited to hear from my potential coffee date and then opted to create my own night. 
My coffee date is a guy that I refer to as Japanese Cowboy.   It's a long story and the name came about after a series of texts where the name stuck.  Reminded me of a ween song too.  At any rate, this man works at a coffee shop and has traveled to Vietnam.  Yes, I find him attractive.  Yet, mostly, I want to know what he discovered in Vietnam.  He is elusive.  I am over it, I think.  Well, I know I am over it.  I was not that broken up when he canceled our plans.  He cares for his mother.  Still, I do not know the extent of her incapacity.  He has not explained how he is caring for her, nor, have I come out via text and asked.  It seems inappropriate to question that in that format.  I did ask him, point blank, last week when I saw him.  His response--she's retarded.  I am fairly certain that my transparent face translated my dislike of that word.  He backpedaled with, well, I am living here because she needs assistance and I am not married unlike my siblings.  So, I am still unaware of why he cares for his mom.  I don't know if I will find out either. 
I have wonderful arugula, radishes and green onions from the farmer's market.  I could make a salad.  Or, I could have a glass of wine and buy spaghetti.  Guess what option won?
Spaghetti with wine.  I wanted to check out a new place to me.  There is a place near the Plaza that I have not been too.  I found a parking space and walked to the restaurant.  Relieved that they had a bar where I could drink a glass of wine while waiting.  The guy poured me a generous glass of wine and I waited for my take-out.  There were three tables in use.  Lovely ambiance.  My food arrived and I waited for the check.  The owner handed me a check which was not mine.  I told the guy that and he said, yes, this your check.  You asked for the brie without this and adding that.
I said, no, I asked for the spaghetti and meat balls.  He seemed confused and wondered if I had been given the correct food.  I had.  He gave me the wrong check is all.
Upon returning home, I opened some wine and tasted the spaghetti.  Mediocre at best.  They did offer many other options that seemed interesting.  I liked the bar and think I could enjoy a glass of wine in the space. 
Tomorrow, I work the day shift.  I plan on doing some yoga before I work.  I will work and then figure out my downsizing situation.  Yes, life is grand.

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