Thursday, May 7, 2015


Picture July, 2012.  Overcast day with an afternoon rain while I am enjoying a sandwich and glass of Bordeaux.  Yummy!
I love traveling and enjoyed revisiting Paris.  When I was in high school, I had the opportunity to go on a class trip with my sociology teacher.  Myself and fourteen other students ranging from sophomores to seniors.  I think the only requirement was an essay and the determination to raise the funds to go.  I wanted to explore the world even then.  Our teacher was a young man.  Attractive.  I remember having a crush on him.  Perhaps that also inspired me to go on this trip.  Little girl dreams.  He was engaged when he put the trip together and his fiancée was going to chaperone us through France and England.  Three weeks before our departure, she broke off the engagement leaving an open spot for someone to chaperone.  Luckily, one of my mates moms' would be able to join us on the adventure.  She was great and probably a better fit than my teacher and his fractured fiancée.  I think that is why he chose to take a group of high school students to Europe.  Show his fiancée the world while "babysitting" us. 
That trip, when I was seventeen, we toured Notre Dame, the Louvre, Eiffel Tower, a river cruise down the Seine River.  It was also my first glass of wine.  My parents were social drinkers but neither had a love for wine.  My mom enjoys crown and my dad is more of a beer drinker.  Wine is part of my life (obviously, the majority of my photos have a glass of wine in them).  I think, I found an appreciation for wine while in Paris. 
Anyways, three years ago, I had the opportunity to tour Geneva, Paris and Italy.  Lovely.  I had a blast visiting my friend, Agnese.  Realizing this also motivates me to reach out to her and see when we could meet up again.  I have spent several weekends with her.  Be it Denver, Europe or Santa Barbara.  She is a great friend and fellow traveler. 
Today, I am inspired to drink wine, do yoga and reflect on life.  Beautiful day to be outside.

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