Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Acupuncture and the new diet

My acupuncturist, Dustin, said that the bite looks better. We did another treatment today and then he mentioned that I should be eating healthier to further clear up the toxin. For instance, no coffee, alcohol, fried foods, dairy or spicy foods. Wow, am I excited? I can basically eat lettuce, veggies and fruit. I was advised to drink rice milk over soy because it is better for you. I have a lot of heat around the bite and so the change in diet is to lessen the heat.
I will do it even though it is Opening Day and KU plays UNC this weekend. I am ready to be done with this and so I must follow the advice of my Eastern Medical Doctor. Of course, I have been eating a ton of mexican food since I returned. I will have to prolong that. I know that it could be worse, too. I mean, what if it were on my foot? I wouldn't be able to work or walk for that matter. I am trying to think positively about it. There really isn't anything else taht I can do about it, but know that I will be okay.
And really, I am already off of coffee. I decided to give it up in New Zealand since it felt like it was becoming a diurectic for me. I suffered then through the head aches and pains associated with caffeine withdrawal. It sucked for 3 days, but I survived and now it is not difficult to not drink coffee. I miss it, though.
Until later.

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