Friday, April 11, 2008

More winter woes...

I worked a double yesterday and it was awful. Of course, it was snowing during the AM shift and I had a short break and opted to cruise over to Barnes and Noble to peruse the magazines, travel books and see if there was any new decent fiction. I tried to get into the latest book by the lady that wrote, Stiff. I was intrigued by her ideas of the afterlife, but the beginning was dry and put me to sleep. I probably should of went to Jimmy's apartment to nap for a bit instead of napping in a chair at B & N. Oh well, no one was hurt.
Afterwards, I returned to work and it was slow. I had two bar customers at 10 pm and one of those is an old co-worker of mine who has been clean for 2 years. I was bored, tired and in need of something to do. Thank goodness for the trustafarians who have started frequenting the bull and bush. They kept me busy with round after round of shots. By the end of the night, I was no longer tired.
I called Jimmy to remind him to open up the security door for me, but he didn't answer his phone. I was scared that I would be sleeping in my car and so I suppose that I realized how much I need to get my own place. It is one thing to wake Jimmy up, but his roommate works early in the mornings and so I felt awful since I had to buzz in to the building. I walked into his apartment to discover a mutual friend sleeping on the couch. He was snoring, loudly, and when I went to sleep, Jimmy was competing with his friend as to who could be the loudest snorer. It was awful and as a result I was unable to sleep much. I definitely need to find my own place--ASAP!!!
Work has been great and it is keeping me preoccupied. I know that I have much more to do in terms of writing my Best of and having maintenance done on my car, finding a place and retaining my serenity. I intend to remain positive and things will fall in place...

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