Monday, April 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Mackenzie Rae Wageman

My niece turns 10 today. I feel awful that I didn't send her gift out in time. April flew by and I lost track of time.
Pocketsize and I are going to get pedicures today to celebrate her birthday. I missed out on meeting them on Friday to celebrate. Steve made plans for them to have a romantic dinner for two. Afterwards, they called me but I was dining with friends at the Saucy Noodle and my phone was charging at Jimmy's house.
Today will be a wonderful girl's day out. Sarah doesn't work for the next few weeks and I am an avid supporter of relaxation. I believe that the pedicures will lead to champagne at Elway's and a fantastic day off for me.
I am Las Vegas bound on Sunday and until then, I am a working stiff. I want to be able to enjoy the trip and keep myself busy until we leave. I do have an appointment with the acupuncturist and yes, my "wound" looks much better. I can sit down and I am positive that it will be over soon. I keep telling myself that I am better, now, in the present. I believe that having a positive mind set makes a huge difference.
I am waiting to hear about my MBT shoes that broke on my trip. I took them back to Foot Solutions and was told that they wouldn't be able to do anything since the 6 month warranty had passed. I was disappointed since I am a loyal supporter of both MBT's and Foot Solutions. I was planning on writing an inquiry to the manufacturer of my shoes when the manager of Foot Solutions called me to apologize for the information that I had been given. He suggested that I return with my shoes and that there were things that they would be able to do. I was impressed with his follow through and am confident, now, that my shoes will be fixed and I will be happy. Truly, I love those shoes and would hate to have to look for a favorite pair of sandals!


Jeff said...

HEY GIRL !!!! Harmony!!!!
It's know....the one who used to live at doug's next to you n your mom n sisters..

anyway....back in the states.. email me at


Jeff said...

oh by the way....i checked out yur site here...nice travels. bet you just love it like i do....