Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Take 2

Well, I went to my aunt's house last night and had dinner with her and Beau. First, we walked around Sloan's Lake and took the dogs for a much needed walk. Bryn had no trainers and so she walked around the lake in flip flops. I applaud that since I know that my arches wouldn't hold up one block. For the next month, I would have to tape my feet so that I could walk. I know, sounds fantastic.
This morning, I dropped my car off for an oil change. Last August, I had the massive work done of getting new hoses, tubes, etc. I drove to Phoenix and 80 miles outside of Santa Fe, my pressure dropped and I found that one of the hoses was faulty. I didn't feel too good since I had just spent $700 replacing all of the hoses. My car was towed to Flagstaff and then I had to have work done to ensure safe passage to Phoenix.
Everything was going well, this morning, until they told me that I needed a new cap since something was draining near the transmission. It isn't extreme, but since my car is unique I now look forward to an expensive replacement cap. I felt like I had just been told CONGRATULATIONS...YOU HAVE JUST WON--more money spent on your car!
I was frustrated, but then remembered that I have a great life. I spent almost 5 months, rent free and without car payments. I met fantastic people and most of it was due to just going with the flow. I thought about some of my better ideas and recognized that I needed to do more of my Best Of Series focusing on ideas.
First of all, the idea to do the trip. I could go on and on and on about it, but I believe that you get the gist of how fantastic and necessary this trip was to me.
The Fiji Experience was a fantastic idea since I now have good friends from the people that I travled with. Louisa is back in New Zealand, Dan and Rob are still in OZ and Gemma is back in the UK. James is in IReland--I think--and he was fun to go to the Yasawas with.
Traveling with Sharleen was terrific too. She was peaceful, listened to my bed bug woes and shared in the theft of our stuff with me. Sharleen was supportive and a great friend.
Flat Kellen increased conversation and more interaction with people. The girls in Fiji laughed when I asked to take a photo of them with Kellen and I love my Starbuck's photo of her with the venti cup. I never was alone since she traveled with me. I hope that she enjoys the photos.
There is so much more to contemplate, write about and consider. I am a little preoccupied right now and so I will conclude this for now. I am well.

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Shari said...

I know that you are leaving soon for sin city. Have a great time and let us know about the wonderful food and wine that I know you will find.

My dad came out of the knee replacement surgery ok, but he is not bouncing back like he should. He was moved to a rehab center today. He listens to people 20 years younger than himself and thinks he will recover as quickly as them. People share their stories of recovery and he now calls them all damn liars. He said if the other knee is hanging by the skin, he will not have another knee replacement.

My sisters and I are having a little shower/get together this week-end for Steffany. Tom and I are looking forward to down time at the hotel. We continue to work on Melisa's house and have been putting many hours in every week-end. I will be glad when it's done. I am taking Brian's philosopy and thinking of it as on-the-job training for when Tom and I get to build our house.

I'm at work and thought I would send a quick "Good Luck" for your Vegas bets.

Anxiously waiting to hear more of your "Best of".

Love, Shari