Sunday, April 6, 2008


What a game...of course, I was working. And, we were waiting on 6 different Rugby teams that had descended on the Bull and Bush. Basically, I looked at the TV when KU was up 40-12 and was ecstatic. I was able to glimpse the 4 point deficit and was about to freak out thinking that they were going to give the game away. I quit watching and saw the outcome. The Bull and Bush had several KU fans who were chanting the Rock Chalk Jayhawk with 4 minutes left. KU fans can be a bit obnoxious!
I would have loved to watch that game. I know that it was lopsided, but it would have been great to see how KU contained UNC. It meant a lot to the fans of KU to see them defeat NOrth Carolina and get the monkey off of their back. I am anxious about tomorrow night and still undecided as to where I will watch the game. I am thinking about watching it somewhere private or somewhere with great wine. I am going off of my detox to celebrate the game.
Wish me luck!!!

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