Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The spider toxin returns...

The acupuncture helped push the toxin to the surface. I had a few salt baths and so currently, I am dealing with a wound that has opened and will not stop bleeding. I went to a movie with Jimmy, 21, and afterwards, I realized how the wound had opened and had bled through the bandaids. I know that I want it to happen, but I also would like for it to be over. I am tired of having to deal with this stupid spider bite from New Year's Eve. I have told people in Denver that that was my kiss on New Year's since I refused to hang out with a Texan in Perth. If only I could go back to New Year's...21 was okay. Kinda hokey and predictable, but I do enjoy watching Kevin Spacey. He is one of my favorite actors. I loved the movie American Beauty. I am working this week and dealing with the sketchy weather of Denver. Yesterday, it snowed, was sunny and rained. I suppose that it couldn't make up its mind on what it wanted to do.
Jimmy has been great as he has let me sleep when I am overwhelmed with the toxins. It is interesting to go through, but I am confident that I will be okay. It is just something that I must go through. I am hoping that it will be cleared up by this weekend. I want to be able to sit down and watch the KU/UNC game. That game should be fantastic.
Be well and enjoy life!

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