Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Second Home

There is a new restaurant in Denver and I have heard many wonderful things about it. Jimmy, my partner in crime, and I decided to check it out on Sunday night.
It is located in the JW Marriott in Cherry Creek. Originally, the restaurant in the hotel was a pretentious spot that never really interested me. I went to Mirepoix a few times and even knew one of the hostesses quite well, but I never felt comfortable dining there. While I was traveling, they decided to try a new concept in the hotel.
Second Home is a tribute to comfort food. The space is inviting and our evening started off well. We sat at the bar and was able to view the Nuggets/Rockets game. We decided to share a few dishes to fully appreciate their concept. We started with an herbed trout dip with crostini and it was nice. Afterwards, we ordered the tuna casserole, mac n cheese and chili creamed corn. I really enjoyed the meal and everything was going well. The dining room wasn't full and we were the only patrons sitting at the bar with two bartenders working. During our meal, I believed that the bartenders would ask if we wanted another beverage. Clearly, Jimmy would have appreaciated another beer at the start of the entrees. We continued to be invisible to the bartenders while a woman ordered a drink and we sat next to her without drinks. Her date arrived, and again, the bartenders made his martini, but never asked us if we wanted a refill. We were laughing about it, in a way calling attention to us, but they didn't do anything about it. Finally, I started stacking plates and they asked if they could move some of the plates out of the way. At this point, we were thoroughly annoyed with the lack of service. We asked for the check and left.
It is sad that we had that experience. The food was fine and I would have went back, but it will be a long time before I check out Second Home again. I believe in service and we did not receive any when we were there. And yes, I am critical of servers, but Jimmy was just as annoyed as me--more so. I suppose that I should stick with Elway's since I love the food there and the service is fantastic!

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