Sunday, January 25, 2009

young jayhawks

I watched the second half of the KU/ISU game yesterday. I was optimistic when I saw the score and that the Jayhawks were up 13 points. I had the sound on and was organizing something and so not glued to the tv. I heard the announcers say the score and how one of the Cyclone's players had 38 points. I wondered how this would happen and blamed it on the Jayhawks youth. They are a young team, still trying to find their team rhythm.
I must say that it is frustrating to watch them come off such a high last year and return to lackluster play. I know. I know that they are young and I respect Bill Self as a coach. I wish they looked better.
In other news...the weather is no longer amazing in Denver. It is gloomy and quite cold. I stil am trying to walk or enjoy the outdoors. Yoga this afternoon was filled with people. I did enjoy the rare occasion of yoga on a Sunday afternoon. I enjoy having Sunday off. I wish there was someone that would be interested in taking my shift and giving me one of theirs. I know that Tiffany goes to Breckenrdige every Sunday and Jimmy refuses to work this shift this anymore. I suppose I am stuck for the time being. I will hopefully, enjoy more yoga on Sundays in the future. I have been able to switch shifts a few times in the last few months.
The wagon stops next Sunday. I am looking forward to it. I intend to keep my productivity up for 2009. I have slept wonderfully and accomplished a lot while on the wagon. I will miss the movies...

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