Tuesday, April 26, 2011

another favorite

Another recent favorite--fish tacos discovered while visiting Eugene, Oregon.

Two of my sisters live there and fortunately, I have been able see them this year. They like food but tend to prefer more tex-mex mexican. Jade's favorite place, Chapala, is good, but I like more authentic fare.

I walked into this restaurant with my friend, Jeremy. He has a few places that he frequents in his neighborhood. Jarro Azul is a place that we checked out on an earlier visit. I enjoyed it and was, in fact, looking forward to trying another dish there. We walked over to it and it was closed.


At this point, Jeremy suggested a soul food place, a pub, or there was another mexican restaurant but they would not offer margaritas. It was soda, juice or water only. I was interested in the soul food but intrigued by the mexican place. Drinks could wait.

I told Jeremy that we could enjoy drinks post lunch. I was really in the mood for mexican food.

The restaurant was located next to a carniceria that was owned by the restaurant. Jeremy raved about the carne asado tacos because of the carniceria.

I was in the mood for fish tacos and so that is what I ordered. They had photos of their offerings instead of a printed up menu.

There was a salsa bar with pico de gallo, limes, and four different salsas. I really enjoyed the salsas.

Simple fare and delicious. I have been on a mexican food kick for the last few months. I love it. There is a movie, Tampopo, about a man's search for the perfect noodle in Japan. I feel like I am on a quest to find the ultimate mexican restaurant. There are too many options out there. I am enjoying the idea of it and love all of the homemade tortillas--yum.

Still, it is super excessive and I do take breaks from it. I must. Otherwise, I might have to start a fitness regime blog to take off all of the weight. Moderation is the key.

Next time, in Eugene, I will definitely seek this place out again. I wish I knew the name of it. I remember it was in an orange building, on a corner, next to the carniceria. That helps, right?

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