Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dinner number five....

My friends dine out--a lot. I have known this for as long as we have been friends. How could I not? I mean, I have spent numerous meals with them. Italian, mexican, pub fare. You name it...we have experienced it.
I love visiting them. I do. It's just that, sometimes, I enjoy making a meal at home. I will admit it. I like homecooked meals. In the past, they have grilled chicken and vegetables. A nice change and something they like to do. I am not a grill person, yet. I prefer testing my skills in the kitchen. And, I am learning that I like to prepare meals and expand my culinary knowledge.
Thankfully, my friends are willing to explore that option. They let me experiment hoping that it will taste decent. I ply them with alcohol--beer--and pray that the fare will be suitable.
They have every possible gadget available. Yes, cooking in their kitchen is delightful. We started with Easter dinner and it has continued until tonight. We have enjoyed salad, bruschetta, tomatoes and an array of dips with bread. Light fare and ideal for this weather.
Tonight, I offered to make oven roasted tomatoes. I love tomatoes and oven roasted tomatoes are the best. I can eat them as is. No other condiment, starch, or pasta is necessary. Yet, since it is supposed to be a meal, I looked into what would accompany the tomatoes. Cous cous, mint, parsley, kalamata olives and olive oil. In theory, it sounds appealing. I am hoping that I am capable of creating a wonderful dish. My friends can be picky and I want them to want to dine at home. Enjoy their lovely space and dining room table.
I am feeling more confident in the arena of the kitchen. I am interested in expanding my knowledge. Maybe take a cooking class. That might work. If only I had paid more attention to Brian while he was making us dinner. Instead, I filled up our wine glasses and waited for whatever wonderful creation he made for us. Too much wine and not enough watching. I took it for granted. Brian loved making us dinner. I miss that along with many other things that I miss about my life with Brian.
I did retain some knowledge. Pour more wine, enjoy life and good food. Yes, food continues to unite us all. I need to return to the tomatoes to make sure that this evening is a success.

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