Friday, April 22, 2011

recent flights

For the first time, ever, I flew with my laptop. Delightful.
My friend had to drop me off four hours early to the airport. Had I not had my laptop, I would have died from boredom. Sure, people watching is entertaining. Four hours of people watching is a stretch.
Definitely a blessing and something that I looked forward to while sitting at DIA. I turned my laptop on and waited. Clicked on the available connections and waited.
Eventually, I find out that there isn't an issue with my laptop, but the domain server is not working. Super bummed.
I relax, read and wait for the check in process to begin. I notice this guy that is in on his phone, talking, somewhat loudly. I get in line and board the plane.
I have the window seat. Normally, I prefer the aisle since I can pop up, grab my bag and high tail it off the plane.
I situate my belongings and wait to take off. I see the man from the gate and know that he is sitting next to me. I don't know how or why, I just know, that he will be in my row.
Yep, the middle seat. Immediately, he starts talking to me. I had a few magazines that Jenn had given me. Typically, I fly with a book, my ipod and a journal. The magazines were a novelty that I wanted to peruse. Budget Travel and a Cosmo. Talking would have to wait.
Somehow, I did not project that vibe and instead spent the entire flight talking to this guy. He lived in Flagstaff, was married and had been a teacher, a river rafting guide and fitness instructor. He organized a sprint Tri in August that I should consider signing up for.
Obviously, I let it continue and so I wasn't too annoyed. I mentioned my desire to travel, enjoy life and lead an unconventional life that frustrated my father. Ken asked me if my relationship with my mom was strong.
My response, no. But, it is what it is and I love her and she knows this.
I dropped it at that.
The entire flight we b.s.'d. I had told him my name at some point. Our plane arrives and he goes--Destiny, it was nice meeting you.
I should have corrected him. I hesitated and said, thanks, you, too.
Upon departure, I find myself walking with him to his connecting flight. He looks at me and says--Destiny, you should really call your mom.
Funny. Destiny can call her mom. Me, well, that remains to be seen.
Regardless, I should have corrected him. I thought it was funny that he could tell me his life story and forget my name. And, I haven't spent a flight like that in awhile. It can be positive and negative at the same time. I really wanted to read those magazines. Yet, there is a possibility of a sprint tri in my future. I have considered making that leap since it is the natural progression.
He was a wealth of knowledge and information. People seem to change directions in their lives more frequently than I thought. River guide, fitness instructor, teacher, salesman....I guess there is always a fit out there that seems more suitable than current situations.
I look forward to what my next flight holds--conversation, crying babies, magazines. Yep, I am ready.

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