Sunday, April 10, 2011


Like attracting like. I seem to return to this thought a lot lately. What should I be doing with my life? My dad thinks I have completely lost my sense of direction. He doesn't understand my unconventional desire/need to live the life that I choose. It doesn't have to make sense to him. He would never choose some of my recent decisions. My dad is traditional, uber conventional, and a career man. He is a provider. My sense of freedom, although, welcome in my world, makes no sense, at all, to him. He never liked that I chose to work in the service industry instead of pursuing a career with my degree. One time, he suggested that I work as a bank teller since it was a professional job. I think that would be a slow death. Recently, I read about numerology. My life expression is an eleven. After I read the description a couple of things jumped out at me. Mostly that I made decisions based on intuition, logic and emotions which rarely made sense to my more "rational" peers. That is true. Who else would travel around the world for five months trying to find peace and heal? Or, currently, the present moment I have found myself in, who else would want this? However, it does make sense to me. I love reflecting on how I got to this moment. I wanted it on a subconscious level. I am still floundering deciding what my purpose in life is. I suppose that is my quest--discovering what is my passion. Where do I thrive? What makes me have to do something in order to attain it? Food. Wine. Travel. Those three pretty much sum it up. What I want for my life is travel. I love it. I love meeting people, creating connections and exploring new cities and countries. My idea of a life well lived would be to fill up my new passport within two years. See more of the world and still be able to visit family and friends within the States. Yes, that would be the ultimate experience. Honestly, running would factor in, too. I went yesterday for 9 miles and it felt amazing. Yes, running is now part of my life. How to make it all work together and create an ideal life? Hmmm. That remains the question. Til then I will be positive, enjoy life and remember that like attracts like. Happy Sunday!

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