Wednesday, April 6, 2011

return of the magenta sports bra

I went hiking, last week. Glorious, delightful and definitely welcome. I opted to wear my magenta sports bra since it had been in storage during the winter months. In the past, I had soaked it water to find it stain numerous white t-shirts. Next, I added vinegar to the water in hopes of diluting the pink dye. No such luck. The bra kept staining my running clothes and t-shirts. I would wash it between wearings/soakings/etc. only to find that it still retained some of the dye. Pocketsize told me to throw the bra away. I probably should have. It wasn't about the money. I liked the bra and was unwilling to give up on it. Eventually, I believed that it was wearable without staining clothes. Back to the hiking story, I wore the magenta sports bra and one of my favorite running t-shirts to go hiking. My friend drove us to designated spot. We checked in with the park service and continued to drive into the park. The drive in took an additional twenty-twenty-five minutes. The road was challenging, unpaved and I was thankful that he was driving. I definitely would have gotten us stuck. He parked the car and we started our hike. Not too long since I needed to get on the road and head to my next destination. I loved the beauty and wish that that option had been presented earlier in my visit instead of my last day there. Next time, I suppose, I will ask to go hiking. Simple, tranquil and serene. I loved it. The hike was short because of me. We returned to their house and I decided to pack my things and shower. I looked down at my shirt and realized that it was stained with pink hues. Embaressed because I didn't notice that until I opted to shower. And, grateful, that we didn't stop for lunch on the way back to the house since I would have unknowingly walked around displaying the awesome pink stain of the bra. Damn that bra and its ability to stain my clothes. I think I will throw it away. It has been six months--at least--that I have washed, rinsed, wore and stained numerous t-shirts. Yes. I think it is time. If I had only listened to Pocketsize months ago.....I could avoided the hiking fiasco that I created in my mind. My friend didn't comment on it; but, I know he noticed the stain.....

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