Saturday, April 23, 2011



Perfect meal any time of the day. Who isn't inspired by a cheese enchilada topped with an over easy egg?

Pure bliss is what I would call this meal/experience.

I found this gem of a place back in 2000 while living in Phoenix. My friends agreed to celebrate my birthday at the restaurant of my choice. Being difficult, I demanded, that we must go to this restaurant and only at their central Phoenix location. I wanted the cantina part of the experience in addition to the mariachis. The Mesa location would not cut it. It seemed to mainstream and the ambiance severely lacked.

The Phoenix location was an inspiration.

My friends agreed, begrudgingly, at first. I mean, we were heading into the hood. Would it be safe?

Her husband picked me up and we met her at the place. While waiting we enjoyed a few pitchers of margaritas and snacked on the hottest salsa. It was a Wednesday and the place was packed. I think we waited for a table for three for over an hour. Kept drinking margaritas and enjoying life.

Finally, we were seated and we ordered food. I think at that point in my life, I was a fan of carne adovado or a tamale plate. Who knows? I am sure that it was excellent.

Fairly certain, I convinced the mariachis to sing the ....canta, no llores song while eating the fare.

They paid the tab and we left. I left loving that restaurant and knowing that it would always be a fave in my book.

My friends left surprised that we made it safely out of the hood.

Eight years later, my friend live a few miles from the location. Ironic.

They dine at the restaurant three, if not, four times a week. Yes, it is a constant in their life, too.

A few weeks ago, we went there and this was my meal. Now it is my standby--enchilada and egg. My only negative would be that the salsa is not as hot as it used to be. I can inhale it and not die. In 2000, that was not the case. I tried to inhale the salsa and spent the rest of the night drinking margaritas to cool the heat.

Yes, this plate is an inspiration. Truly.

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