Sunday, April 24, 2011

street fare

Yummm...more street fare delightfulness.

Derek, my foodie friendly tour guide in Mexico, directed us to this location while in the process of tracking down the ultimate burrito. Yes, we found a few of them, too. More on that later.

After a day of kayaking, ATV'ing and drinking cheap mexican beer, I desperately needed food. Up until that point, I had dined in numerous tourist friendly places. Jonny does not love food the way that I do. Meaning, I had eaten too many meals of bland uninspired food.

Derek, however, does. I had chatted him up on several occasions about the food that I was interested in. He had offered to take me to the burrito place, one night, but the time got away from us and I settled for a salad. Hit the spot, but left me unsatisfied. Salad is a poor substitute for homemade tortillas, beans, avocado delight.

We found "the" place with the best burritos and headed back towards my friend's house. Derek took a quick detour to show me the best taco. Pork and pineapple yumminess.

It was excellent. We were the only diners and so we could completely focus on the process of making the taco. They were accompanied by cilantro, pico de gallo and limes. We washed it down with a real coca cola. I have not had a soda in years and it tasted perfect. They were so good that we ordered two more. I loved the flavor combination.

The burritos were exceptional, too. Machaca and carne asado. Yes, I was in foodie heaven. Finally, a meal worth the calories.

Of course, I was thankful for my am run and the kayaking. Otherwise, I would have had more guilt associated with the food consumption.

There was another burrito place near my friend's house. We passed it each time we drove out of their neighborhood. Always had cars and I thought--why not? I am sure it is good.

My last morning before heading out for a hike, we stopped for a burrito. Beef, avocado and tortilla. Simple. Served with a grilled jalapeno and a baggy of pico de gallo. Yes, it was excellent and I regretted my choice to not check it out on my own. Next time, I will venture out more to experience the street fare.

Grateful for the tour guide and his love of food. I saw a side of Mexico that I might have missed otherwise.

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