Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday Memory

This is where I would like to be now.  I heart San Diego.  I would love to be walking on the beach.  In a few weeks, I will be celebrating the birthdays.  I am trying to decide what is the best way to celebrate.  Mostly because i will be in Denver in ten days.  Is it right to go out of town, again, to celebrate my birthday?  That is what i must decide and quickly.
I love the idea of spending it in San Diego.  It is extremely welcoming and a quick trip from Phoenix.  Or, there is somewhere in Arizona that would enable more time spent in the town than in the car.  Possibly Santa Fe, too.  I haven't visited this year, yet.  That is definitely one of my favorite rejuvenating spots. 
Or, should I suck it up and stay here?  There are restaurants, hiking, wine bars.  I am sure that I can find a suitable place to enjoy carrot cake.  I suppose I have this yearning since this is what I typically do for personal celebrations.  I go out of town to experience something new, meet people and toast life.  It's a hard habit to break.
I am happy just considering the possibilities of a birthday celebration.  How do you celebrate yours?

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