Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Happy Birthday, Brian~

Remembering the love of my life, today, as he would have been 30.  I can only imagine what his life would have been like today.  He was such an adrenaline junkie, I am sure, that he would have convinced me to go skiing with him by this point.  Or, rock climbing, kayaking, mountain biking.  Hopefully, I would have been able to convince him to accompany me to Santa Fe or Napa.  We had a give and take relationship filled with love and respect for each other.  I miss him, more and more, everyday.
I plan on eating chocolate.  I remember one of our first dates.  He carried my back pack, filled with a blanket, champagne, glasses and chocolate.  We hiked part of a trail at White Ranch and set up camp.  We talked about the future while drinking champagne.  Always the romantic.  So, in honor to celebrate today, I am finding the best chocolate to toast Brian, his essence and love of life.  Also, I will drink champagne tomorrow.
Celebrate & Enjoy!

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