Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday Memory

This week, at some point, I will be sharing some vino with Jenn.   She is getting married this week and I am in the wedding party.  I don't know that we will have time for our typical lunch--dip duo, Prisoner wine and a salad--but wine will be involved during the days of celebration.  Bubbly, for sure.  I am providing some for the bridal party on the day of the ceremony.  I feel it is tradition and it will ease some of the nervous energy.  That, I want it there.
I am thankful to be heading to Denver to share in her special day.  I also look forward to seeing friends, favorite restaurants and the city of Denver.  Perfect time of year to visit, too.  The weather will be amazing. 
I hope to go running or do yoga while in the city.  I believe it will keep me centered.  I don't want to only drink wine and eat rich foods.  I want to enjoy the city in the physical sense.  I miss running and that is where I found my love for it. It was while living in Denver.  The weather is easing up, some, in Phoenix.  Soon, I will be able to run here, too. 
Until the, enjoy your Monday.  I believe this was right before I headed to the airport.  Typically, how I conclude my trips to Denver.  Lunch with Jenn and then return to reality...

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