Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Recap of wedding weekend

Five days in Denver...my liver barely survived.  I am exaggerating, a little, to create more drama than occurred.  I arrived on Wednesday and met up with a dear friend, Brie.  I had a bachelorette party to attend to later in the evening but some freedom before the itinerary kicked in.  My friend who was getting married had a wedding planner and an itinerary that he was determined to stick to.  I am all for schedules but wanted some free time too.
It was lovely to spend time with Brie and catch up on what is going on her life.  I have known her since 2003.  We used to work together and of course there is always that to reflect on in addition to all of the other times we met up for drinks and/or food.  I felt fortunate that she had time to see me before the wedding agenda kicked in.  We had a few glasses of wine and some appetizers before I headed to the wine dinner/bachelorette party.  The wine flowed and the other bridesmaids and I listened to Jenn discuss the next few days.  We sampled calamari, crab cakes, pork, fish and a few other courses.  Basically, we were lavished with food.  I had arranged the dinner by contacting a friend and telling him what we would need.  Essentially, I said--food and wine, and he took it from there.  It was delicious and I felt it was appreciated by all.
Thursday morning, I arrived at the hotel to have a manicure and pedicure.  Jenn took care of those services and drinks.  I chose a peach drink and shrimp cocktail.  I thought we would share the appetizers with everyone and so I didn't order another crab cake.  That seemed to be the chose of everyone that attended.  I was a little surprised when we didn't share.  Oh well, the shrimp was fantastic.  I felt healthier, too.
I considered choosing a deep shade of red for my nails but nixed it when I realized that I would look like a christmas tree.  Instead, I went with brown.  For some reason, it made sense to me and I was happy with the results.  Sticking to the itinerary, post spa session, we hurried off to Boettcher Mansion for the rehearsal.  There was some confusion as to how to get to the rehearsal space.  One guy had a mini cooper that he claimed would take four passengers.  We did try this, briefly.  I knew that being bunched up in the back seat would be uncomfortable for me quickly.  I returned to the car pick up area and asked Jenn who else was driving to the space.  She said there is a minivan or you can take the car that shuttles guests to and from destinations that the hotel has.  I was uninterested in that option and as I looked around I noticed one of the other groomsmen about to head west.  I rush up, knock on his window, and ask if I can drive with him.  He agreed and it was one of the best decisions I made of the weekend.  This guy, David, is from Omaha.  We began the awkward conversation of how do you know Jenn and Rob and discovered that we both had grandmothers in small towns in Iowa that were near each other.  David looked at me and said, I knew there was a reason that I liked you.  From that point on, we were friends.
At dinner that night, I met his wife and immediately liked her too.  She reminded me of one of my cousin's wives.  Gorgeous, gracious and kind.  I so enjoyed meeting David and Angela.
Dinner that night was coursed.  Salad, fish, dessert with wine choices.  I knew that bartender and so our food was served, first, from the start.  Plus, my glass was full the entire rehearsal dinner.  I so enjoy having connections from previous jobs.  I sat with two of the other bridesmaids and their spouses.  I enjoyed it.  I wanted to know more about them.  Each of the girls represented a different time of Jenn's life.  In some ways we were all similar--kind, gracious, somewhat quiet--it seemed.  We all were outspoken, fun and crazy, too.  Over the course of three days, I discovered it.  I must conclude this for now.  Working, finally.  Yesterday, I went to a trade show and poured wine for one of my suppliers.  It was great.  I met many people in the industry.  The only downside is that my liver could use a break from the wedding weekend.  I plan on relaxing and getting a great night of sleep tonight.  I need it.  My body requires it~

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