Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I met Sara for a quick glass of wine after the rehearsal dinner.  I missed her and wanted to hang out with her in spite of the fact that I should have been smart and went to sleep.  I opted for fun.
The next morning, we stopped for coffee before she dropped me off for my ten a.m. hair appointment.  While at the coffee shop, again, I was presented with the choice of being good or bad.  I could do the smart thing and snack on yogurt or a bran muffin, even.  Instead, I saw a breakfast burrito and felt--yippie, exactly what I want.
I inhale the deliciousness and Sara dropped me off for my appointment.  I told the guy to do whatever he felt like.  I had not decided on whether or not my hair would look better up or down.  And, there was the tattoo on my neck that I love, but, didn't think that Rob's parents would appreciate.  The stylist opted for up and to the side.  In all fairness, it actually, looked quite nice.  Lovely, in fact.  He straightened it and then made ringlets.  Hair finished and so I checked into my room at the hotel.  I knew, according to the itinerary, that I would need to grab my shoes and be ready to head to the wedding by noon.
The limo was late due to traffic.  We had cava to drink which would help us relax.  The wedding ceremony went by quick.  They were sweet to each other.  As Rob choked up while reciting his vows, Jenn wiped away his tears. I almost cried.
The wedding party assembled into the limo to head back to Denver.  We had some bubbly.  The a/c did not work and the stereo had turrets.  It was a comedy of errors and we were the captive audience.  We all scrambled to exit the limo and breathe in fresh air.  A few tang shots later and we arrived at the reception.  There was an hour to relax before the rest of the guests were scheduled to arrive.  I found Jimmy in the tavern.  I wanted to make sure that he would be attending the festivities.  Sometimes, he can be a flake.  I wanted him to accompany me to the wedding since he knew my friends and I knew he would dance.
We were introduced to the guests before being seated at the head table.  They served us salad, sorbet and then the main course.  I had chosen chicken as opposed to the surf and turf option.  All through dinner, I was preoccupied knowing that my speech was around the corner. I wrote my MOH speech while sitting at a wine bar in Denver.  I felt okay about it but I had some anxiety.  I am not the most comfortable person in public speaking type of environments.
After my duties were completed, I felt relief.  I drank wine and danced.  I remember watching the cutting of the cake but I did not go near the cake after that point. Instead, I frequented the photo booth with the the bridesmaids, Jimmy and a few other characters.  I danced and enjoyed myself.  The wedding was hugely successful.  When it started to wind down, I convinced Jimmy that we should go see Steve at his bar.  We cab over and I don't know the door guy.  Typically, this wouldn't be an issue but I didn't have my i.d. with me.  I pull the whole--I know the owner bit and knew how foolish it sounded.  This door guy is doing his job and I was the idiot who forgot my i.d.
Still, I tried it.  I didn't have my phone either to rectify the situation.  Thankfully, one of the servers walked up and said, let her in, she's one of Steve's good friends....thank goodness for that.
One or two chimays later and the night concluded.  Jimmy was ready to go and I wanted to catch a ride in the cab.  He dropped me off and I considered having one last glass of wine.  Nothing was open.  I really did appreciate that the next morning.  I woke up feeling much better having made that decision.
I forgot to mention how wonderful the hotel room was.  Beautiful room, king sized bed and a keurig coffee maker.  That was amazing!  I was sad that I had to check out of my room and head to the brunch.  I definitely could have enjoyed a few more hours in the room.  The coffee maker, alone, was worth it.
I arrived at the brunch site and made my way to the open table.  It was open seating and several people had arrived.  As much as I had wanted to linger in the hotel room, I was glad to have arrived early.  I was able to say goodbye to David and his wife, Angela.  I tried to avoid drinking a mimosa or a shot and was able to delay it for about an hour.  There were many people moving in and out of the venue.  I could avoid the obligatory shot if I didn't stay in one place too long.
I ended up staying way longer than I had anticipated.  I like several of Jen and Rob's friends and had not been able to catch up with them.  Or, even, really talk to Jenn or Rob.  They had a lot of stuff to contend with as well.  Eventually, I disengaged and walked back to the hotel to collect my luggage.  I am glad that I made an effort to be part of their special day.  I was thankful to have planned on seeing some other friends while in Denver, too.  5 days in Denver inflicted some damage on my health.  As such, tonight is a low key evening.  Grateful for that~
Enjoy your night~

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