Friday, September 7, 2012

Upcoming tasks and fears associated with them....

In two weeks, I will be part of this epic wedding ceremony for a great friend of mine.  Of course, I was honored to be considered to be part of the people standing up for them on their special day.  I kept thinking--I have oodles of time to write the perfect toast.  Yet, I have no clue what I am going to say.  I should have learned to not procrastinate by this point in my life.  I am not an off the cuff type of person.  Public speaking terrifies me.  Most of the time I able to weasel out of it.  But, when I cannot, wow, do I experience anxiety.  I know I can do it and that I have to.  I also recognize that I should figure out what I want to say.  Otherwise, I am going to sound like a moron on their day.  I think Jenn can forgive most things, but that, would be a stretch.  Especially since I have had months to prepare for the wedding.
Little did I know how quickly I would lose track of time.  Other trips, some medical b.s. that is still following me around and other trips to Denver just because I wanted to visit.  I miss my friends, the food factor and oh, yeah, the weather.  Currently, I miss the weather.  In a few months that will change.   I will love being in Arizona like I did last year.
I remember in January, thinking, I have so much time to get in shape, be creative with invitations to the bachelorette party that I get to host and write a toast.  Of the three, I think the yoga has kepe me somewhat in shape. I want my back to be sculpted.  That is the ultimate goal of the yoga venture.  That, and being competent at pushups.  Quick drives me crazy when I am next to several people that collapse while doing the upper to lower pushup, fondly called the chataranga.  (I know this is misspelled).  I think they should be corrected so that they do it right and do not hurt themselves.  I enjoy the chataranga in the vinyasa flow.  I realize the benefits of them, too.  I think the instructors should adjust people in this practice.
Regardless, I am on track with the fitness goal while the creativity has not been flowing in invitation making or speech writing.  It'll come.  I am not concerned about the bach party.  I know that it is handled.  Just thought I would try to make it special by sending homemade invitations to the girls attending the wine dinner.  There is still some time.  I should start working on it tomorrow. 
I am more capable at writing.  The creativity bone is a challenge.  I have a friend, Hailey, that makes beautiful memorable notecards.  I still have the one from her wedding that she made for me.  It's gorgeous, heartfelt and has retained its quality after being shuffled from move to move. 
I wish I had that ability.  I just find it challenging.  I prefer writing cards to making them.  I think of all of the efforts of the other bridesmaids and feel inferior, too.  However, two of them live in Denver and are able to attend the various showers, parties, engagements.  I would have had I been in the area.  I do know that.  The wine dinner is my way of contributing to Jenn's celebration.  And, thankfully, she loves wine and calamari.  I had the perfect place to make that happen and it just happens to be one of my favorite spots in Denver, too. 
Since I will be in Denver I hope to frequent a few spots.  With the wedding and the concrete itinerary, I am somewhat limited in my playtime.  That is the only downside to this.  That and the fact that I must return to Phoenix for work sooner than I would like too.  I have to.  I cannot play in Denver at the beginning of the season.  Plus, there are tastings that I plan on attending in Phoenix.  Why wouldn't I enjoy that aspect of the job?
Til then, I must get serious about the toast, the invitations and continue to practice yoga. 

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