Saturday, September 1, 2012

Day off spent how?

Day off.
Wake up.  Dishes.  Laundry.  Watch streaming on-line while drinking coffee.  Arrange lunch post yoga.
Hell, yah, awesome day.
Let me much as I wanted to go to yoga it didn't happen.  Shocker, I know.  I packed a bag, made arrangements to meet Jan and headed out.  My car sounded funny.  I drove up to the nearest intersection and took note.  I considered my return route while manufacturing my phone call to my friend. 
Veronica hesitated at the next major intersection.
I drove through the dead red light.  I didn't care.  I didn't want Veronica to die.  I returned home and thought about my options.
Lunch was out...obviously.  I wanted to arrange for a meet up, near there.  No such luck.
I call Tom (my fix it friend) and he saves the day.  My car starts after wiggling the battery cables.  A week ago, my car died at the intersection of 44th St and the 202.  I had my car towed to my mechanic in mesa at 2 am.  I got home at 4ish.  It was a memorable night and I remember telling my guy that the positive wire connected to the battery was cracked and would lead to corrosion.  The autozone guy made a point to tell me this.
From here, I spend the weekend in Oregon.  I don't truly think of my car until Monday when I fly back to the Phoenix.  I call my mechanic and he tells me, again, that the car had no issues with starting.  I mention the wire another time and ask if that was part of the problem.  Tuesday morning, I pick the car up and drive to work.  My car seems to be doing great--Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.  I drive all over the city on Thursday with no issues.  Friday morning, car acts wonky and then dies.
Back to yesterday, my car starts after adjusting the battery wires....hmmm, I think I asked that when I had it towed to the mechanic.  I know they are better than the other guys I had been taking Veronica to when I first moved to the valley but I miss the Denver mechanics.  They truly took care of my car and were honest with me about issues.  They listened to what I said.
I drove to Mesa without issue and waited while the guys replaced the wire.  No charge for the service and in all honesty, they shouldn't have charged me.  My idea of spending the day off at their shop was not what I envisioned.  Especially after I had asked them to check the wire in the first place. 
My car is running great now.  Like old times.  I recognize that my car is older and that I am entering a phase of replacement parts in order to keep it running.  Most of my family and friends think it is time to buy a newer car.  I am just not there yet.  I can be extremely stubborn and I hope to keep Veronica driveable for another year or two.  She is a fabulous car--solid engine, transmission. 
Honestly, the mechanics in Phoenix are okay.  I just don't have the same rapport with them that I had built with the guys in Denver.  They did right by me with servicing my car yesterday and acknowledging that it could have been avoided had they fully examined the wire.  Afterwards, I met Jan for a quick salad at the Parlor and reminisced old times.  Yes, life is grand!

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