Sunday, September 30, 2012

Mini trip to San Diego

I love San Diego.  I spent a few days there and in spite of the return drive back straight to work, it was worth it.  Every minute spent on the beach and in that city.  It's soothing, relaxing and the weather is well basically amazing.
I drove from work Thursday afternoon.  I was determined to arrive by 9 pm.  Of course, traffic, sort of intervened with my plans.  I made it by 9:30.  Once there, I drove to my friend's house only to find that no one was there.  Crap!  My phone was on the verge of dying, I was hungry and I couldn't get in to his house. Thankfully, he texted that his roommate was, in fact, at home.  I made it inside and drank some wine.  I relaxed and waited for Tommy to appear.  I sort of figured that that night would be low key.  We caught up over chips and salsa and wine.
Friday, he went to work and I walked around to find food.  There was this lovely breakfast place that Shari and I found in February.  Of course, I couldn't remember the name of the place of even where it was.  Only that it was near PB.  I walked up to the Starbuck's and asked the kid if he knew what I was talking about.  He knew of the street not the name of the restaurant.  I thought I paid attention to his directions til I ended up about a mile and a half in the wrong direction.  Classic blonde move.
Regardless, I made my way back towards Garnet and found several eateries.  I wanted the one that I went to with Shari.  I found it.  Isabel's.  I did consider checking out a cafe next to it.  Still, the allure of the initial breakfast remained with me.  I entered the restaurant and selected a breakfast burrito.  Super clean food.  Healthier than I wanted.  A tad bit hungover and I would have preferred a greasier, decadent burrito.  Next time.
After coffee and breakfast, I made my way to the beach.  Glorious!  If I lived in San Diego I would go to the beach daily.  Those were my thoughts as I walked on the beach.  However, quickly, I realized that the majority of the other people on the beach were tourists.
I considered walking up to La Jolla but nixed it.  Instead, I bought a few postcards and another magnet.  The one I bought at christmas broke a few weeks ago.  Eventually, I found my way to a fantastic bloody mary.  My friend, Jean, and I always have a bloody mary.  I was thinking of her and so I found a place to enjoy one.  I called Tommy to see how his car was and made my way back to his house. I wanted to shower off some of the sandy beach before heading out to dinner.
I had grand ideas of how to spend my last night in San Diego.  Tommy and his friends wanted to bar hop.  So, that is what we did.  I still was able to enjoy some tasty deliciousness.  Proscuitto wrapped asparagus, tuna, truffle fries---delish!
The end of the night, I played pool with Tommy's friend, Robert, aka, pool shark.  He totally hustled a few guys since I was his partner.  Not for money, but pride.  I was a little uncomfortable as I could see where the situation was heading and I didn't want any part of it.  I am all for friendly games, not being a competitive asshole to make a point.  I hadn't played pool in years and so it was fun.
The next morning, I woke up and not looking forward to the drive home or work.  Still, it was worth it.  I am so glad that I opted to drive to California and spend a day and a half in San Diego.  It was awesome!  Next time, though, I will find a new restaurant to frequent.  That was my goal of the trip.  Yet, it went sideways.....

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