Sunday, September 2, 2012


Happy Sunday!  Glorious day, for sure.  Coffee, yoga, and eventually, work.  In the past, I was the Sunday day girl.  Every Sunday, bright and early, for six solid years.  Somehow, I cannot shake this shift.  I would love to have two consecutive days off.  I should work on that.  Having Sunday off would be divine.
Til then, I will repeat this mantra--I am happy, I love my job, I love working Sundays--even if that is a stretch.  Still, yoga will calm/soothe me and it isn't that bad.  It will keep me out of trouble.  Otherwise, I am sure I would be day drinking somewhere.  I know of some friends in Denver that are enjoying bottomless mimosa brunch.  I would love to be hanging out with them today.
In a few weeks, in fact, I will.  My friend, Jenn, is getting married and I am part of the wedding party.  It would be fabulous if I had a few additional days to explore Denver.  However, I must return to work.  We are embarking on the busy season in Phoenix which requires my presence in the valley of the sun. 
If I had more time in Denver, I would arrange a massage at Izba, dine at all of my favorite restuarants, drink wine with Steve, Pocketsize and Sara Jo, meet the Goddess's baby (if he arrives before she is due) and take in the wonderful atmosphere of Denver.  I do miss it.  Immensely.  I try to hide my true feelings of being in Phoenix, but, it is challenging.  There are many great things about Phoenix.  I just have a more natural fit in Denver.  And, I miss that.  I miss my friends.  I do have friends in Phoenix but not the same support network.  It is growing and I am happy that I chose to try it out.  I do absolutely love the opportunity that has been afforded me through my job.  I did not have that in Denver.  Here, I am working in a new restaurant where I was recruited from the very beginning.  It makes a huge difference to be part of the structure and idea making processes.  Then, there is the wine factor.  I choose it and I am constantly learning about nuances of wine, the industry and what, eventually, I would like to take from it.  So, yes, there is a lot of good to be had in Phoenix.  If only, I could combine the job factor and support network of the two cities. 
I suppose I am disappointed in my running too.  I have a mental block when it comes to the heat factor experienced, by all, in Phoenix.  I am unwilling to run when it reaches 102.  I do not enjoy it.  I am misterable, in fact.  My kind running partner is supportive.  He meets me when it is convenient for me and coaxes me into finishing our loop when I am trying to stop running.  Lame.  I know. I just despise the heat when running. 
Yoga has been a fantastic substitute for the running.  I feel healthy and injury free. Return to running is in order still.  I am a little disoriented today.  Sorry.  I realize that my blogging has been inconsistent, at best.  I have traveled, this year.  My blogging about it has been minimal though.  I think I am preoccupied with other things in my life.  I miss the release of blogging.  I just need to make it a priority, again.  I feel that I would benefit, greatly, from that decision. 
Heading to yoga.  Blissful yoga and peace instilled.  Enjoy your Sunday~

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