Friday, September 7, 2012

My sort of Friday~

Raining today.  What a lovely change to the bright shining weather of Arizona.  I do love the sun but wow, do I love a pure rain storm.  It feels clean, rejuvenating and inspires me to enjoy my day in a completely different way than normal.
I see yoga--of course--and it is more in the spiritual sense.  It would be inspirational instead of only physical.  Lately, it seems, everywhere I go--restaurants, bars, grocery store--I am talking to people about yoga and realizing that many people also attend the studio that I frequent.  This opens up a discussion of teachers, which class is best and how often I do or do not go.  I love it.
I do have a/c in my car which functions in the morning and at night.  Middle of the day, though, well, the other day this couple looked at me at a bar and said, you work at that restaurant, right?  We saw you yesterday.  We remember because we thought you were crazy for riding your bike to work in the heat.
Nope.  No bike.  Car ride that does not circulate enough air to offset the sweat factor.  Yuck! 
So, yes, I do appreciate the rain factor today.  Lovely.  I have a massage lined up and then hope to head to Phoenix to check out the downtown restaurant scene.  It's something that I have been wanting to do for some time but unable to execute the plan.  Tonight, it's going to happen.
Yoga was splendid and I ran into a friend of mine which made it even better.  Inspite of the instructor's ability to figure out my name, I did stay through the entire class.  It felt awesome to do the practice and we did finish with a collective om from the room.  Also, something that I feel is positive about the practice.
Post yoga, I drove home, inhaled my leftover fish tacos and showered.  I had a massage at 2:30 that I had been looking forward to all week.  Delightful.  I had told the therapist that my quads were tight and so repeatedly, she worked on my legs.  I am sleepy, lazy and dehydrated.
I figure I can relax til the adventure to the downtown area.  My friend, the wine rep, said, let's go out after dark.  Typical response from him,  In the midst of summer, sure, I get it.  Today, though, is an anomaly.  Much cooler and begging to go out and enjoy the happy hour life in Phoenix. Oh well, the additional rest/relaxation will probably be more beneficial than proceeding directly to happy hour.  I did consider stopping at a wine bar in route to mi casa. Tempted, but remained true to the course.
I intend to check out the first Friday scene.  With me, sometimes, one glass of wine leads to another, possibly two.  I want to enjoy tonight not be boozy.
Alright.  Feel a mini siesta in my near future.  Enjoy the rest of your Friday!

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