Thursday, September 6, 2012

Lost contact and the remedy

Yesterday, I went to yoga.  Something that I feel compelled to do as of late.  My training for the marathon has been nonexistent and my idea of substitution has been hot yoga.  I found a studio that is in the city that I enjoy frequenting.  I like their package deals, amenities and the flow class.  Most of the teachers are great and the during the week, girl, is excellent.  Her flow, music selection (for the most part) and class is challenging.  I like her class. 
I only wish she knew my name.  I have taken her class probably 40 times.  I only mention that because the owner of the studio met me the first day I decided to check the studio out.  Immediately, April put me at ease.  From that day foward, every time I walk in, she tells me, Hello, Harmony.  It's impressive and yes, it does, in fact, make a difference. 
Especially during the class when they say, great posture, Mike, Tom, Jenn, or whomever.  It would be nice to hear that you are doing a good job at yoga.
Anyways, after not hearing my name for the 40th time, I mentally checked out of the class.  I was frustrated, hated the current song and left a few minutes early.  Plus, I had a meeting at work and needed to get a few things done in a short time span.
I went into work for the meeting and believe it will go by quickly.  Three of us were scheduled to work at 5 and so I thought that would speed things up.  There would still be an opportunity to grab a cup of coffee.
No such luck.  Meeting ends at 5:05.  No big deal but I did want a coffee.  I begin my shift and within twenty minutes, I lose my contact.  WTF?  I look around the area where I lost it and realize that it probably fell over the bar mats.  Gross.  I start to mentally freak out.  I mean, I cannot work with one contact in.  I would get a headached in thirty minutes--at least.  I continue to look for the contact.  One of the servers walks up and goes--oh, you need a contact? I have extras in my bag.  What?  Who has extra contacts with them?  Alex.  She saved me.  Really.  I would have been screwed.  Justin saw my reaction of losing the contact from across the restaurant and was ready to help me out if needed.  It was sweet.
Also, I managed to cut my finger in this mix of confusion as well.  No idea how that happened.  I tried to get it to clot without success.  I asked one of the servers to bring me a bandaid to speed up that process.
About an hour later, I was fine.  No more bleeding and I could see with Alex's contact.  I waited for the typical rush of Wednesday to occur.  I waited and waited and waited.  Lame night instead.  Super slow til about fifteen minutes to close when a rush of employees came in for growlers.  It was ironic and they were all in the party mode.  Thankfully, they recognized that they should take the party elsewhere after about 45 minutes.  Not going to lie...I wouldn't have been very happy had they opted to stay til two.  Long night with longer finish if you know what I mean.  Plus, all I wanted to do was take my contacts out and rest my eyes.  Which reminds me, I really should make an appointment to see the eye doctor while back in Denver.  I could purchase new glasses with the prescription he has on record there.  I should plan on making that happen. 
In terms of yoga, I will still attend the flow class and hope, that eventually, I will hear some sort of acknowledgment for attending this one class.  It's funny.  The other instructors have made an effort to get to know my name as well as others.  I like that.  I think it's important to know regulars in your class, at your bar, or in your life~

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