Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Beauty is all around us

 Some of the places around the world that bring me peace.  Simon's Town, South Africa; Bariloche, Arengentina; Cape Town, South Africa.
Today is a day that will always be stamped in my mind that we should live in the present and always be patient with ourselves and others. 
The penguin photo is one of my favorties of all times.  It reflects this soulful solitude.  I absolutely adore this shot.  Always have. 
I remember the day I found the isla de corazon.  I had signed up for a day trip in Bariloche and was the only American on the tour.  The group leader spoke spanish (obviously, as it was Argentina) but was kind in my regard.  She offered to translate what she could in English.  I did understand most of it.  What parts I didn't I was able to see.  This photo reflects true beauty in my mind.
Last, but not least, there is something about this photo that captivates me.  I suppose it is that I could be peaceful in the clouds.  The view from Table Mountain of Cape Town was phenomenal, too. 
I send peace to all today.  Remember the tragedy of this day and project kindness, love and sunshine.  Take time to go to a place, visually, that brings you joy.   

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