Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Monday Memory (late)....

Ahhh...sweet photo of a wonderful memory.  I spent three days with these amazing ladies a few years ago.  I had convinced them to join me in Sonoma to run a half marathon.  I think I wore them down from my insistence.  I can be like that.  I get an idea in my head and make it happen.  So worth it, too.  We finished the race and celebrated with wine and pretzels.
I have been thinking of these girls, too.  Megan's son is a year old and she and her husband recently bought a house in Maryland.  Lindsay had a baby 9 days ago.  He is adorable from the photos I've seen.  And, Sara, well, Sara is thriving in Denver.  No babies to report from her.
I signed up for a half next year in Santa Barbara.  Lindsay is interested.  Sara is signed up and Megan is unable to join us, this time.  I have other friends from Italy meeting us, too.  I cannot wait.
I should start running again, though.  I have been super lazy and without reason.  It is no longer hot in Phoenix.  I could go outside at any point in the day.  The weather is stunning.  Still, I cannot seem to make myself do it.
I have substituted yoga for the cardio factor.  However,  yesterday, I mentally checked out of the class ten minutes in.  I barely made it through the class.  It was torture.  I skipped the class today.  I am lame.
So, I am remembering a trip with three of my best friends.  I was in great running shape since I was training for the Vegas Marathon.  Lovely memory.  Of course, wine was involved...lots of it.  I discovered that Lindsay loves pickles.
I suppose I am trying to motivate myself to go running.  Tomorrow is the day that I begin running again.

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