Monday, October 29, 2012


Yes, it's been challenging logging into my account.  I have been frustrated, too.  I wanted to update my last week of adventures.
First off, I have been dehydrated.  It's crazy.  I drink tons of water and still, I am experiencing some dehydration.  For example, Saturday morning, I had a bloody nose while working.  Talk about unfortunate timing.  I excused myself from the bar and waited for it to stop.
Today, I have ultra chapped lips.  It is crazy.  I know it is dry here, but, really?  This bad?  Yesterday, I met a friend out for a beer and while I am sitting there my left contact rolled back into my eye.  I am sure I looked like a mess since I could only see with my right eye.  I tried to manipulate the contact out without inflicting pain to my eye.  Nothing worked and so I went to bed.  At 4 a.m., I woke up.  Awesome.  I watched Felicity (my latest go-to when I am unable to sleep) and blinked a few times.  I was finally able to get my contact out.  It was folded in half.  No wonder I couldn't get it out.
So, yes, I am dehydrated.
I have been considering my 7 year anniversary trip with Shari.  Initially, we spoke of Bali.  This is our spiritual journey and Bali seemed like the ideal place.  Perhaps part of that was due to the success of Eat, Pray, Love.  I honestly don't know.  Regardless, we get closer to the departure date, I am considering other countries.  Chile, Venezuela or somewhere in central America.  I believe most of this stems from the travel time it will take to get to Bali.  46 hours.  That demands at least a 3 week trip.  Not only that, but, once we are there, most of the available activity is resort oriented.
I feel that wherever we decide it will be spiritual and meaningful to us.  I like the idea of Chile since when I went in 2008, I did not wine taste.  I was in a funk and so I abstained from drinking for the two weeks I was there.  Plus, there are mountains, the lake district and I loved Valporaiso.  I think it would be a great trip.
Of course, the lure of Bali is enticing.  It is a spiritual country and I know that we would have a wonderful time.  I just don't know if it is enough for the time travel to get there.  Shari and I are going to talk later this week to make a decision.
I have been hiking more.  The weather is finally awesome and inspiring.  I have went a few times with Brandon and I have a hiking date with Kristina tomorrow morning.  I think it is helping me recenter/refocus.  It's been an interesting year.  Hiking, yoga, meditation is helping me immensely.  Last night, I met with a new friend and started talking about Brian.  Next thing you know, I am crying.  I am emotional, more so, and I think it because I know that it is time to let him go.  To move forward and make a conscious effort to be vulnerable again.  It's terrifying.  Both of those things--letting him go and  being vulnerable.  I suppose that is what living in the moment is.  Instead of remaining comfortable with known things, places, people--moving into uncomfortable, foreign, unknown places and situations.  I think that is what growth represents and is.
I know that we will choose a place and that it will be excellent.  It isn't about a specifically spiritual country, it's about how we choose to celebrate and honor Brian.
I am off to hike, to enjoy and to taste life~

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