Thursday, October 4, 2012

Here's to you Jean~

Toasting my friend, Jean.  We met in 2000 in a spanish class while attending college together.  It was an 8:30 am, daily class, that I rarely missed.  Hungover, or not, I always managed to show up for class.
She approached me one day after class to see if I would be interested in meeting her for a beer.  I think my exact words were--I am underage and have no fake i.d.  This didn't stop her.  She said, that's okay, you can come over to my house.  This led to the beginning of a beautiful friendship and mutual love of bloody mary's.
Every time we meet we always find time to seek out a delicious cocktail.  I think one of my favorites was at a local bar near her lake house in southern Washington.  My friend, Jan, and I met her for a few days while we dogsat for my sister, Michaela.  Jean graciously invited us up to her lake house and we spent one of the days hiking and barhopping.  We stopped in this town and ordered bloody mary's.  The bartender asked us if we were interested in the bacon flavored vodka option.  We declined a full one but did try the bacon vodka with a little bit of tomato mix.  Delish~
The regular bloody mary was fantastic.  Spicy, full of horse radish and chock full of veggies.  Also, a nice memory to think about when I think of my friends.  The trip to Oregon/Washington was excellent.  Finally, Jean met Jan, two important ladies in my life that I have wanted to meet for some time.
Last week, I was walking around PB and made a stop to seek out a superb concoction.  I thought of Jean and ordered a bloody mary.  Could have been spicier.  Otherwise, it hit the spot.
I hope to meet up with her in November.  I do love Seattle and it's been a few years since my last visit.
Happy Thursday.  What are you celebrating today?

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