Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday Memory

This is me...last Friday at Pacific Beach. I sent a text to a few of my close friends with the caption--this is me at my office.  I know, I am a brat.  I don't care.  It felt amazing to be walking on the beach on Friday afternoon.  Sure, water was a tad bit cold.  I saw several people kite surfing, wind sailing and surfing.  The cold did not seem to bother them.
I kept thinking, I should learn to surf.  Maybe next time at the coast.  Friday, I lingered on the beach and walked around Pacific Beach. Amazing.  Concluded my day with a bloody mary and bar-hopped later with Tommy, Michael and Robert.  Birthday success story for sure.
This week, I hope to return to running, go to yoga and be a little healthier in the food department.  Lately, I have been careless with what I am eating.  I would prefer dining on veggies, whole grains and no fried foods.  My love of chips and salsa sort of derails that insight; however, I have been munching on fries at work as they are accessible.  I wish we had better munchie food at work.  Last night, I discovered the beauty of creating my own sandwich and pairing it with a salad.  I see many variations of chicken sandwiches in my work future.
Til then....enjoy your day!  Yoga, lunch and possibly a brief visit to work are on my Monday's agenda.  I can still dream of the beach,,,,

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