Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday Memory

Greetings from the Mission.  Last time I went to San Francisco, I was with these two ladies.  Our gal pal, Megan, had to leave early to fly back to D.C.  Sara, Lindsay and I managed to stay an additional day to tour the city.
Ironically, this was the night that the Giants won the World Series in 2010.  Seemed appropriate to reflect/appreciate that memory, today, since the Giants were victorious last night.
This photo was taken after beginning the day with Irish Coffees at the Buena Vista.  We took the cable car back to Union Station.  That was my first ride, ever, on that particular tourist attraction.  From there, we walked to the Mission.  I had spent some time in that area in 01'.  Sara wanted to check out a bike shop and so we ended up spending the majority of our day there.  It was awesome.  We bar hopped from place to place.  Eventually, Lindsay pointed out that she wanted to watch the world series game and so we stopped into a burger/beer joint and ate steak fries.  Delish!
We finished the night at Range. I have a friend from college who knows the pastry chef there.  As such, I have dined there in the past and knew it was a legitimate gem of a restaurant.  My girlfriends know that I love food and so they weren't at all surprised that we dined there.  While talking to other bar customers they were asked how we found this spot and they remarked, our friend, Harmony, loves to find local eateries.
What an amazing day, experience, memory!  Next summer, I hope to have another adventure with these two ladies and a few other friends that I have met along the way.  We will run the half in Santa Barbara and tour wine country afterwards.  Something to definitely look forward to.
On a side note, I have experienced some difficulty with logging into this account.  I have wanted to blog the last few days but couldn't.  It's been odd to say the least.
Well, enjoy your Monday.  I know that I will~

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