Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tuesdays Travels

Ahhhh....Tuesday,....how I love you.  Woke up, watched Felicity, drank coffee and chose to attend a yoga class.  Super excited to go to yoga but once I got there, I was mentally checked out.  I think ten minutes into the class, I had no desire to be there.
Somehow, I managed to sustain for 50 minutes and then crash out.  The instructor was beyond gracious.  I just had no desire to finish her class.  I left.  I showered and ran off to wine taste.  How can I explain how much I love Tuesdays~
There is a market that I wanted to have lunch out.  However, there is a valet factor, elitist factor and trendy factor.  I drove up, wanting food, but unwilling to deal with the ramifications of my decision.  I did not want to deal with any of those factors.  Instead, I continued on.  I chose a coffee shop that offered food.  I figured the coffee would be delicious and I could deal with said food.  How wrong I was.
Coffee, yes, delicioso.  Food, well, lackluster.  I regretted my decision to avoid trendy people.  I picked at the sandwich and recognized that that would be the last time I dined there.  See, in the past, I tried a chocolate croissant too.  No bueno.
I went to work and tasted wine.  I love Tuesdays for that factor alone.  However, today, some of the reps were needy and displayed bad energy.  They were overwhelming.  I wanted to taste wine and enjoy life.  Some of them, well, they didn't have that same idea.
Afterwards, I went to a restaurant and sampled a feta inspired dish.  I convinced a nail salon to remain open to give me and my girlfriend, Danny, a pedicure.  Best decision of the day.  The salon closed at 7.   We arrived at 7:15 and left at 9.  Hello, amazing pedicure.
A little conversation, dinner, wine.  I considered having one more glass.  My friend said, we should go.  I did and now, I am inspired by a chilean merlot.  Yummy!  Figure, tomorrow, is a new day and I should always enjoy wine.  Til then, cheers~

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