Wednesday, October 3, 2012

day off

Insomnia.  No bueno.  I woke up at 3:30 and was unable to fall back asleep til 6.  I think I woke up at ten to compensate for my lack of sleep.  It truly messes with my day when I do not get a full night of sleep.  Instead of going to yoga, I opted to do laundry and chores around my house.  Yes, it's necessary but I feel more productive after the hour flow class at my yoga studio.  I am unmotivated to do much of anything today.  Damn insomnia.
Yesterday, I went to yoga, followed by lunch and then wine tasting.  I think I will alternate Tuesdays with one of co-workers so that I can work 5 shifts every other week.  I like to work and it feels weird to have three days off.  If I have three days off, I want to go somewhere.  I recognize this pattern from the amount of trips I have taken this year.  Anytime I have three days off, I think it is right to fly to Denver, drive to San Diego or visit Jonny in Mexico.  It is my way of enjoying life.
As such, yoga was essential.  I like the instructor and her selection of music.  She has a soothing demeanor and always changes up her flow.  Afterwards, I decided to stop by a nearby restaurant and eat a sandwich.  I knew I would be wine tasting later but that didn't stop me from ordering a glass of wine with lunch.  Actually, I did order a glass of wine in a roundabout way.  I told the bartender that water would be fine until my lunch arrived.  At which point, I would order a glass of wine, I implied.
He brought my sandwich and walked away.  I didn't want to beg for a glass of wine and so I waited.  And waited.  And waited.  All the while picking at the cubano sandwich.  The bread was delicious, I love mustard, pickles and bacon.  The ham I could do without.  There was a fair amount of it on the sandwich, too.  Anyways, when I have, maybe, three bites left, the bartender asks--oh, did you want a glass of wine?
I decline, pay the tab and head into work.  I had to put together the liquor order, figure out the schedule and wine taste.  Best part of the entire day.  Well, not really.  Yoga was excellent as well. The wine tasting was the cherry on top of my day.  I found a few wines that were delish and finished my day by cooking supper.
Great day off til insomnia hit at 3 a.m.  My mind races with odd visions, dreams, situations.  I watch a show on-line to try to settle myself down.  Finally, I was able to sleep at 6.
Yes, i am lazy today.  I suppose it is needed after my mini-trip to San Diego.  I might start journaling my dreams.  Last night was odd.  Dreams of work, trees, spilling beer....odd, to say the least.  Having a journal might help me figure out why I am anxious about these things.
Til then, have a lovely Wednesday.  I have been thinking, a lot, about travel~

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