Thursday, October 11, 2012

happy today~

Happy Thursday!  I have much to be thankful for today. In about 20 minutes, I will have a reading with a medium.  Lately, I seem to notice tarot readers, psychics and advertisements for either of the following.  I am attracting this for some reason.  To me, it meant, making an appointment and having a reading.
Initially, I considered consulting my tarot lady, Catherine.  I know she has had some health issues over the last year and so I didn't want to ask her to do a reading.  She has a friend, Audra, that I have used in the past and liked.  However, it felt weird seeking her out if I was unwilling to ask Catherine.  So, I reflected on my options.  Jan has a lady in Denver that she likes.  My friend, Brie, has spoken highly of her medium.  I texted Brie and asked for her information.  I looked at the website and made an inquiry.  That was Sunday and today, I have my reading.
I am stoked.  Sometimes, it can take months to arrange an appointment.  The first reading I had took two months to set up.  I remember being anxious before the phone call.  The man asked me a series of questions that did not apply to me.  After 8 minutes, he told me that he felt I should wait a year and consult someone else if I felt uncomfortable with approaching him again.  He tore up my check and I waited a year.  I respected that he was honest with me.  I mean, he could have sold me a pack of lies and I would have believed him.  My frame of mind at that point was fragile.  It was right after Brian died and I wanted to know that he was okay.  I was desperate to know that he was okay.
Eventually, I did have a reading with that man and it was positive and beneficial.  That experience will always remind me how much I enjoy a reading.
It feels right, too.  I can always use a little guidance.  It's my gypsy like lifestyle that demands it.  Til later.  Enjoy your day.  Be thankful for what makes you happy, healthy & thriving~

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