Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Thinking of Fiji

Welcome to Fiji.  Four years ago this is where I began my adventure.  Actually, this was a few days after arriving in Nadi.  Voli Voli, Fiji.  We spent a few nights here and I was able to scuba dive.  I remember listening to Anne Murray and Dr. Hook.  Super nostalgic of family road trips and Brian.  My parents owned a van with an 8 track tape player.  I remember listening to the Stones, the Beatles and of course, Anne Murray.  Shadows in the Moonlight reminds me of the return road trip home from summers spent in Iowa.  Typically, we would spend two to three weeks in Iowa with my grandmothers.  My mom or dad would drive us up to Iowa and we would spend summer vacation with our cousins.  My great grandmother in Audubon fed us nonstop.  She made the best fried chicken and cinnamon rolls.  I remember one summer my mom telling grandma Emma that we would no longer be able to visit if she kept feeding us.
I miss the freedom of traveling.  Taking time to reflect on what is important in life and not so caught up in stress.  Making time to stop and smell the roses.  Yes, I miss traveling. It is always a new adventure and I am always inspired by new things.  For example, while on a train to Paris in July, I dreamed of learning Italian, traveling to Bordeaux to inhale wine or learning to sew.  Made me think--I need a hobby and asap.  
I am thankful for where I am at, today, too.  The weather is amazing in Arizona and there is endless possibility here.  I could take a pottery class, jewelry making class or take a yoga teacher training class.  I should do something.  I cannot just dream of traveling.
Fiji was the first stop of my amazing adventure.  Yes, I miss that trip.  I would love to return to Voli Voli for another scuba diving trip.  Til then, I have my photos to reminisce.

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