Thursday, November 20, 2014

Commitment to this

After my reading on Tuesday, I have decided to plan, to visualize and write.  I have had several readings done and a few things stand out.  I'm a healer, supposedly creative/should write, a teacher and travel is in my chart.  It was even suggested that I would marry in whatever sense I felt appropriate be it getting married or just having a partner, that I would meet this person abroad or they would be foreign.  I guess that does play into my travel plans.  Watch out Spanish men is all I am saying.  If I achieve a partner in 2015 that is.
Regarding teaching, I have never felt like one in the conventional sense.  I learn from life experiences and know that I lean towards eastern measures.  I have had many experiences with physical therapy from running, injury and massage.  I find that I enjoy sharing my knowledge with others.  Specifically, my sister, Michaela.  I remember a conversation we had a few years ago.  She had sustained a hamstring injury initially.  I am stubborn.  I can say it.  I know it.  I won't go to the doctor unless I am dying and even then, I have to make myself go.  My sister is worse.  She jacked up her hamstring and kept running.  It hurt but she told herself that she could run through the pain.  Fool!  So, the next few years she is in constant pain.  She saw a therapist and a doctor.  I advised her when she hurt herself to rest, recover, ice and start doing yoga when her leg felt better.  She listened and told me that she didn't particularly like yoga.  It wasn't enough of a workout for her.
The pain intensifies and she goes to her doctor for stomach pain.  I tell her that it is her psoas that is acting up and I was right.  I knew that particular spot from massage and having a therapist work on my psoas by massaging my stomach.  Painful and ticklish, too.
The creativity is there.  I still censor myself through my words and absence of blogging.  I am committed to changing this.  I am ready.  I feel that I came to Santa Fe to think about my purpose in life and enjoy phenomenal food.  It does not lack in that department at all.  I am benefiting from all of the restaurants, meeting people and work.  I work in one of the premier places and am fortunate for that.  I am learning more and more about food, techniques and flavor profiles.  I miss being a wine buyer as I tasted a bunch of wine.  Kept my palette fresh and wine is always something I enjoy talking about (obviously).  Maybe I could find a group of like-minded individuals here that are wine tasting on a regular basis.  I want to continue to learn in that realm.
The healing aspect goes with the teaching--I think.  Something that is currently evolving based on what is going on around me.  I think I am still absorbed with healing myself and learning how to help others based on my life experiences.  I seem to excel at grief suggestions and how to celebrate life.  Yoga is helping and I am finding that I must be patient in my practice currently.  There are not a lot of options offered here of what I enjoy.  It's inspiring me to get my certification.  For example, the class I attended today was basic.  Really basic.  New instructor that I personally know.  I want her to be successful.  I just wasn't in love with her class.  However, I will return in a few weeks and see how it is progressing.
In the meantime, I will write, plan, visualize.  And do yoga, drink wine, travel (hopefully to AZ or Denver) and be patient.  Patience is the lesson of my present.
Life is about continuing to learn, prosper, and develop, right?

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